Hey hoopers, I just bought a 33in 5/8 OD LED hoop from MoodHoops.  I saw they are having a sale for valentines day and I fell in love with Sunrise.  It's really pretty but I have never gotten anything from MoodHoops before and wanted to know if anyone has experience or opinions about this company.



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My friend has a 36in Lotus, and it's gorgeous. Definitely good for the price they are, and durable. We both had trick concepts hoops before then, when we started hooping we were way too eager, and bought the first ones we could afford, but I definitey prefered the moodhoop. Also, good customer service, and fast delivery. They have two push buttons so it can snap back in place without the battery flying out, but just be careful you do it the right way. i'm actually looking for a semi cheap led to beat up before I invest in something really nice, so let me know how the sunrise looks in a 33in, I'm really short, so the 36 was a bit bigger than I like. How tall are you?

I'm 5'3'' and I've been workin with a 33'' for serveral months so I think it will be perfect! Thanks for all the feedback, now I am confident in my new purchase!  HoopCity is awesome, I don't know why I didn't join sooner:)

I have 2 MoodHoops, the Blaze and Spectrum both are 36in and 5/8. I love them!! Super bright, really durable (I'm pretty rough on them) and the battery life is pretty good. I'll probably buy an Atomic eventually but I didn't want to be afraid to use my LED because it was so expensive!! When I'm out hooping with one of the Moods people are like "What kinda hoop is that? It's so thin and bright!" And you can't beat the company, they are great!!!

I have two from them, you will love them. I have nothing but good things to say about my hoops. I've had other led hoops but never been more satisfied than with my two from mood hoops. 

Eeek now I can't decide if I want the tiger lilly or the spectrummmm!

The tigerlily battery will last longer than the spectrum, but they are both gorgeous!

Tigerlily is awesome

Looove moodhoops! I've purchased 2 sets of minis, a 38" prism, a 36" custom, and I'm about to get a 33" custom. Their hoops are great quality, they don't rattle, they're perfectly balanced, and their customer service is AMAZING. They strive to please their customers and it shows! I'd definitely recommend them!

I haven't heard anything bad about Moodhoops, and I love my minis from them. They also ship out their hoops incredibly quickly, unless you're making a custom order.

The one thing that concerns me about Moodhoops is the on-off mechanism, I am a bit worried that the hoops could be much less water resistant than other LED hoops since there are all these snap buttons that water could seep into. And I can't just tape over those areas without losing the ability to easily turn the hoop on and off (with a normal switch I can just use a fingernail to move the switch through tape). But then I heard someone say they dropped their Moodhoop into a river and it still worked fine, so I feel much better about it! I will still probably get super worried about taking my minis out in a rainy festival though...

There's absolutely no rattle and the weight is nice for me.  I'm relatively new to hooping but I got a MoodHoop for Christmas and I love it.  I got Glitch.

My roommate has Rainbow and she loves it too.  The colors are just perfect.

Really love my MoodHoop. Affordable, great product and got it fast. I have the candy, which they stopped making shortly after I ordered mine.

I'm thinking about getting a custom. My 36" is feeling too big but I'm not sure I want to go all the way down to a 33" hoop. I've been doing a lot of breaks and things lately, both on and off-body, and it's gotten difficult to do with my 36" hoop because of the weight. I'm not sure if I want to upgrade to a polypro because I know it's not quite as durable as the HDPE, but then again, if I want lighter, that's what's needed. Allie - is the polypro significantly lighter than the HDPE? And does it seem durable? Part of me thinks I should just get another 36" 5/8" HDPE so I can do doubles and just chill on the breaks with it. 

They make a great product and some of their color combinations are very unique.


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