Hey hoopers, I just bought a 33in 5/8 OD LED hoop from MoodHoops.  I saw they are having a sale for valentines day and I fell in love with Sunrise.  It's really pretty but I have never gotten anything from MoodHoops before and wanted to know if anyone has experience or opinions about this company.



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I have a 36in hoop from there and it's wonderful, super bright, light and it came in the mail extremely fast. I can't wait to buy another hoop from them.

They are great and cheap!  Nice and light, I like a switch better to turn my LED hoops on and off than what moodhoops has but they are great for the price that they are.  Still like my PSI better because of the quality but it was SO pricey.  Mood hoop is the way to go for nice light performance hoop at a great price.

i agree that i like the switch on my LL hoop because i can "play" when performing... hoop around without it turned on.. then a certain part of the song comes.. and BAM..  lights in your face!  :P 

but i surely LOVE my mood hoop minis that i have...  currently debating on which twins to order in a 33"..  trying to figure out whether to go poly or hdpe...  i don't want anything flimsy feeling...  and i keep hearing/reading different things about the tubing used (but that's with different companies).. ahhhh losing my mind!

i just bought my first LED hoop in the beginning of January (Sunrise from MoodHoops!) and I LOVE IT. 

they gave me amazing customer service, fast shipping, and i've been hooping like a maniac with my sunrise since the day it arrived :) i will likely never use another company other than MoodHoops!

I have a blaze and love it. They come with 2 rechargeable batteries but I recommend getting an extra, because I believe the hoop won't work/could get messed up if you use other batteries. Also it helps with bringing it out places. When one battery runs out, just throw in a recharged one (even though the battery life is pretty good)

I have to say MoodHoop.com hoops are pretty awesome. I've played with almost every one of their hoops. I have a trick concept hoop and the weight difference is very significant. MoodHoops are much much lighter and easier to manipulate. I have dropped them, spun them in the air and FAILED to catch them, all kinds of hoop abuse and they hold up beautifully. I know they test all of their hoops to insure quality. I think you will really love it!

I've only heard good things about MoodHoops, the only problem I'm having is deciding between Blaze and Ember!

I actually have both and they're quite similar (I have difficulty telling them apart at times), so don't stress about it too much.. they're both incredibly beautiful!

If you're looking for durable, less expensive you might check out http://eco-groupe.com/

They are relatively new as far as I can tell and don't come with "smart chargers" so you have to be careful with how you charge them.  They are primarily a solar panel production company that now makes LED hoops. They also have a really strange and innovative design in which you can change the color of the hula hoop.  The LED hoops have an outer shell, and an inner shell with the LEDs inside. These inner shells can be changed out for other inner shells and that changes the LED color. You can get inner shells for much cheaper than a full hoop.

Yeah I bought one of those Eco Groupe hoops.  It rattles like CRAZY and the tubing it really thick and painful.  Pretty awful.  If anyone wants a video I could make one.

I have a lotus it's 36" in diameter and 3/4 tubing and  and i love it more than anything. I have the medium size and i have tossed that thing everywhere. into ceilings, walls, people, dogs haha. very easy to coil once you get the hang of it. it took me a while to get used to the battery and counterweights. It was my first hoop and i learned pretty much everything with you. you'll love it, happy hooping<3

LOVE them. I have a custom polypro LED from them and it's the best! Great quality and super light. Definitely recommend their hoops :)


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