What does your regular hooping practice look like from the inside?

For those of you who have a regular hoop practice . . . what do you DO during that time?

I've heard that Baxter spends 1.5-2 hours a day in his hoop. I've heard that Nick Guzzardo spends upwards of six hours spinning.

But what are they (and you) doing during these lengthy practices? What's your structure/goal/etc.?

I find myself getting frustrating with my practice lately. I feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over, and that I'm stagnating not growing. I'm not huge into tricks but into just moving with the hoop, but I don't know how to advance or grow deeper in this.

So I'd love to know what you do when you practice. Inspire me! :)

Thanks, everybody!

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My winter practice is different than my summer practice because I'm indoors more and can't go crazy with my big hoop. Also I'm learning still so I'm not too great at it, but here's what I do.

Start with minis. Do a run over of just directional spinning (foreward, backward, split time, different directions) I stick around with split time and different directions for longer because I'm bad at them so far.

I force myself through the tricks I know so that I don't lose them. Isolations.

Then after that I try and rock out a little and try to include a few tricks into flowing...

Because I'm indoors, my big hooping practice is really limited, just to my body (I can barely do lifts!) so I just try and hoop at the waist, knees, and chest. And then isolations.

I want to start picking one thing and doing it, or one subset of things and practising them, but I don't have that big a repitoire of tricks/stuff yet.
i like to start off by streching, allowing my mind to ascend to a higher dimension, and allow my body to loosen itself.. i start off by swinging my hoop back and forth then go into something new everytime. I can't practice without music..not that im constantly flowing, but i NEEEEED music, its my spark. i dont have the same routine everytime, but I do have the same goal- confidence, flow and progression.. i like to figure out new transitions and new ways of stepping in and out of the hoop, thats mainly where im at now, spinning every second of the day that I can, no matter where i go, I take a hoop with me ;) every session im not just working my body, im meditating, involving my spirit, and loosening my mind.. trying to trully comprehen and embrace what it is that im trying to do, and feel exactly what my body is telling me to do.. for example isolations are in your shoulder, not your wrist, but you have to trully listen to your body and know what it is telling you to use..sometimes ill do one trick over and over and over again to fully embrace it and get it in flow.. i do agree with you on getting frustrated lately too.. but I do believe its because you trully need to let your mind go, and keep flowing and try not to have jugdement on yourself, this is the part in the process where you are, and i as well, use it, and work with it<3
"this is the part in the process where you are, and i as well, use it, and work with it<3"

thanks ladies :) makes my heart glow <3
Well, I don't know about them, and I don't get that much time everyday (I wish!), but on the weekends I end up with a few hours I can spend in my hoop. Lately I have been practicing "flow?"... I guess. I want my transitions from move to move to be smoother. I feel my moves look a bit stiff when i try to move from one thing to another (like from off body to vertical hooping for example). Or I listen to something that's not normally on my hooping playlists. That kinda forces me into a different flow. Though I've only been hooping for 5 months so I am far from being able to share much useful advice. :) Now, my hubby gets just like you described with his music (I'm stuck, I'm not growing)...so he drops what he's been working on and tries a new twist on something he's already good with, like playing the same thing on the piano as he was trying to do on guitar or vice versa. Did that make any since? I know music isn't hooping at all, but the situation was so similar. :) Lots of luck finding some inspiration!!!
That thing with your hubby's music totally makes sense. I guess I could translate to hooping by putting a limit on myself (like no on-body hooping for 1 song, only waist hooping for 1 song, etc.). Hrmm...possibilities!
I try to hoop for a half an hour to an hour or more each day. Mondays are my day off from work, and the kiddos are at school, so usually on that day I get in a few sessions, sometimes totalling up to 3 hours! Mondays are my favorite day! ;)

Exactly what I do varies. Sometimes I work on a trick or two that I'm learning. Other times I just flow. Some days I don't really do tricks, but work on moving my arms and legs while core hooping - trying out different music. I try to strike a balance between those things. I once read a suggestion that I've put into practice that keeps things interesting. I wrote down all the tricks I know on index cards and keep them in a basket in my hoop area. Each day I pull out 2-3 cards randomley. Those are the tricks I work on that day, making sure I practice them in both directions or with each hand, foot, whatever. I work on each on each separately, the work on ways of combining the moves. Sometimes I get really interesting combinations, and it's a fun challenge to get the tricks combined nicely.

It's frustrating to go through periods of stagnation. Try something different (a new trick, a different type of music, a new way of moving the arms or legs, etc.). I find that working on something new re-ignites my hoop spark!
I like that index card idea! I feel like I've been forgetting tricks, so that would be a real help. Thanks!
It is really fun, Beth! It forces me to work on moves I forget about or ones that I often don't work on because they're hard! LOL!
Yes! It helps with remembering that certain moves exist...and provides accountability for the frustrating stuff. :)
For me, as long as I have music and I'm comfy (not too cold!) I just go with it. My hoop sessions last anywhere between 20min and 3 hours, depending on how I'm feeling. I end up going through my repertoire of tricks and flow over and over again and just dance to whatever's on. I try to perfect my moves, and I work on the ones that I can't quite get as I feel like it while I'm dancing. If I don't get it, it's cool, but I generally come back to it until I feel like I've made some sort of breakthrough or I until I get tired of attempting it. When I'm bored, I go online or go through the Christobel hoop book I just bought to find a new trick that looks fun and do my best to get it down!

Another big thing is I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing with my hands and feet all the time. Since I'm a novice, I've been trying to put a lot of emphasis on keeping my hands and arms expressive while I do tricks or while I'm just playing around. But most importantly, practice has to feel like play for me. If I'm not feeling like I'm playing or dancing or just grooving along, there's no point!
"But most importantly, practice has to feel like play for me. If I'm not feeling like I'm playing or dancing or just grooving along, there's no point!"

Very true. Sometimes I force myself to grind through a session, when perhaps I should just walk away for an hour or so. Discipline is good, but not if what's fun because torture...right? :)

(Also, "torture" is a rather strong word, but my brain is too tired to come up with anything more accurate. I don't feel tortured by my hoop!)


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