What does your spouse/significant other think of hooping?

So we have a thread on random comments, but what about the person who is the closest to you? Do they like hooping? Content to just watch? Spin their own toys? Do they hate it and it's a source of contention between you?

My husband has tried to hoop a few times but really just spins it once and runs away, haha. However, he is super supportive and always eager to see new things I have learned. He'll help with photos or videos, tries to track down supplies for me or make new suggestions of things to use in hoop making, basically he gets really excited along with me and will listen and watch whatever I want him to regarding it. I love his support and was wondering what your relationships are like in regards to hooping for you guys :)

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So I saw this thread before and didn't post but I had to hunt it down today to post.

My boyfriend is the most supportive boyfriend ever. He spins staff and has been working on his poi skills (all fire of course). He'll pick up a hoop and play around, he can keep it at his waist, stall it on his waist by spinning, and he can shimmy it up to his neck on occasion. He can even do the things with a smaller hoop than he first started playing with when I would play. He'll sit and watch a few hooping videos and hoop tutorials with me. I can see him transferring some of my hoop moves and flow over into staff, which is awesome. The last time I referenced "the hooping forum I'm on on a daily basis" he replied with "Hoopcity?" He also stole one of the Moodhoop stickers that came with my Moodhoop. I'm pretty sure he also knows how to make a basic HPDE hoop. I'm getting my first fire hoop here shortly and he's excited to fire perform together and even have some moves that he can do with staff while I can do something similar with hoop. So cute, so awesome, just had to share. :)

My husband plays drums in a couple of local reggae bands.  I hoop dance at all of his shows.  There are even some events that have a large enough stage for me to hoop right on stage with the band.  He is extremely supportive of my hooping obsession.  I have actually become a part of their show.  Whenever someone sees us outside of the shows, they say "Hey aren't you that drummer for that reggae band?"  Then they look at me and say "Oh and you're that hoop girl!"  :)

My bf loves that I hoop. We're in a long-distance relationship, but when he came over to see me fire hoop for my school, his mind was blown. He totally supports my love for hooping, and bought a fire hoop for me that I continue to use to this day. He's learning a bit of poi while he's away, as he can't hula hoop for the life of him. Haha! I have his complete encouragement. <3

My boyfriend is almost too supportive of my hooping.  He is trying to learn just about every kind of flow there is, and actually is alright with the hoop.  Although he mainly just dances around it and doesn't do any actual tricks, it still looks pretty nifty.  We starting to learn poi together now.

My bf loves to watch me spin my hoop.
He also spins staff.
Both of us usuall go to spin jams together and burn together as well. It's such a great feeling to spin together! However, if we don't burn at the same time, he's usually the one to safety me :) and help me fuel up. I've been also picking up a bit of some staff moves from him, and he's been picking up some hoop moves from me. It's amazing to see how both of these toys have so much in commong yet as so different.

This is a love hate relationship for my hubby;

He loves to watch me because he says I look so good, but at the same time it consumes so much of my time and he doesn't like that I can spend hours hooping on family day without even noticing. For the most part though, he is a good sport. He will play with it sometimes too and try to do some of the more basic tricks. Its so fun to watch him also.


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