I have seen so many videos with this style of hoop dance and I would really love to give it a try. What exactly is this called, though? Full body hooping? How can I make one? What do you think of this style of hooping? 

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I can't see the video.. But the only other hoops I know of are the big ones you spin on the ground with, roue cyr and lyra, which is a hanging hoop you dance on. Sorry if I wasn't any help:P

i THINK they're called Illuminum Circus Hoops.but i'm not sure,sorry :(

it's a Roue Cyr

It's a CYR wheel! I took a workshop with Olive Oyl and she was spreading the love about this outlet of expression... very neat. Here's a past thread on it:

OHMYGOD. Mind has been blown.

That was amazing!!

Im not sure about this but I think you can make one just like you make your regular PE practice hoops. I have seen at lowes and homedepot rolls of PE tubing this thick, then you just need a giant connector and probably a friend to help you because thats a big hoop! Could be worth a try the tubing just has to be strong enough.

Nevermind! I just did some research apparently they are made out of aluminum or not sure if a regular tube one would work. I have seen some giant hoops made out of pe and they are pretty sturdy but I think the roue cyr cant have any give to it.

um. That was like the hottest thing I've ever seen.

I believe the technical term is "awesome"

Martika's right. It's a cyr wheel. And they're suuuper expensive. You need one that's fitted for your height and weight and they're made of aluminum and steel (sometimes with a PVC coating). They cost about $1,200-$1,500, though if you get a used one (if you can find one that's good for your height/weight) you might be able to get it for more like $600-$1,000. 

cyr wheel


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