What Kinds of tubing can I use? please help out a beginner :)

Well I really want to get into hooping and am very excited, but first I need a hoop. I have done a little off body tricks with a kids hoop. I have been looking for tubing but I get confused on what kind I need and what size and what not. So far I know of Poly tubing and using 3/4" with 160 PSI. Is there any other tubing I can use? If so what kind can I use and the sizing. I have only done a little bit with a childs hoop and it is very fun! So I cannot wait to make my first hoop! Please help! Thank you!

Peace and Love

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There are all kinds of pipe and tubing and what you have access to depnds in part on the pluming ordinances in your area. Fortunately, there are all kinds of hoop materials that work.

In terms of diameter, the pipe need to fit comfortably in your hand. 4" is probably too big; 1/4" is probably too small. But 1/2" 3/4", 1" are all used for hoops. 

The hoop tubing needs to be flexible enough to curve into a circle the size you want and stay in that shape. Garden hose is too floppy. Certain kinds of plumbing pipe are too stiff. PEX, HDPE, PE, and polypropylene are all good, depending on how thick the walls of the tube are (that's sort of indicated by PSI).

There's a lot of variance. Different kinds of pipe make different kinds of hoop. I have some PE that is a little heavier and softer than I prefer for myself, but other hooping friends like it just fine. I recently took a bunch of really thin tube and made gyrohoops with it.

You wil end up experimenting until you find the right stuff for your style.

Thank you for your help and actually replying to my discussion. :) Peace & Love

I've made my own out of 1/4 and 1/2 clearish white polypro (the store I was at didn't have all the couplers etc I needed and I wanted to do a lot of wrist, hand and finger work to build range of motion before getting sore from the heavier).  It all works fine.  I got 10 feet of each and had like 7 hoops in a matter of a few mins.  I think it's helped me having so many different sizes and weights, (I also have some child's hoops from Target etc lol) I'm not afraid to try anything now and it has been just fine. 

It's the wrapping I need to watch and figure out lol. (I have to figure out something non-toxic, no VOC's and no latex etc,  to wrap it with.)  I might just get some ribbon or something from the fabric store on sale in bulk or whatever...

I just saw this, I'm not sure how far you are from me but I could let you test drive some of mine. I have the reg PE in 160 and 100 PSI tubing plus my HDPE in 3/4 (my favs) plus a bunch in btwn. I went thru so many just learning different things. some of the bigger ones are better for learning but than the smaller ones are better ones you are able to go faster and you do more off the body. My 3/4 160 psi is too heavy to do a lot of the stuff I like to do now but it was great for learning. I think I even have a whole coil of 1" stuff that Ill never use b/c its too heavy for me. Im now getting into more off the body and waiting on my polypro to try. Let me know if you need anymore help with getting hoops, I may be able to save you some money and time just from what I went thru.

That would help a lot! thank you!

I started out with a wave hoop from Kmart. lol It is how I learned most of my tricks in the beginning. They are filled with water so it slows down the rotation making it easier when you are starting out. I see you that you live in Pennsylvania. You can go to Lowes and ask them where the irrigation tubing is.  I started out with 3/4" 100 psi tubing. (I am thin and bruise easily so I started out with something light). I then moved to the 1/2" irrigation tubing later on. Make sure to grab some connectors that match the size of your tubing. If you have any trouble there are youtube videos that can give you some tips on how to make them. You can also pick up some different colored electrical tape at lowes and then go to identitape online if you want to get some fancier tape. 

Thank you for your advice. Ill probably Go have a look at lowes if my bf will take me -.- I don't think he will tho :/


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