I'm just curious. I've always liked the slower, more mello artist to hoop to. I like to hoop slow and incorporate more dancing in it. However, I've been sitting on the idea of trying out some new hip hop funky beats.

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I love hooping to Pretty Lights! If you have an iphone, he has an app you can stream the music from your phone.. its great!

Zeds Dead has awesome music. they're a dubstep collab DJ's but they have so many styles of music. they remix of eyes on fire is VERY awesome to hoop to. pretty lights is awesome aswell. papdosio. big gigantic. mostly dubstep dubhop

Half the time I prefer experimental/ambient tunes (aphex twin, lotus, sphpongle, etc.) and other times anything from funk, reggae and even jazz. It's usually whatever encourages my mind escape I guess. I even experimented with tribal music last week and that was just pure bliss c:


This is what's been inspiring my movement lately. Brilliant dude.


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