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I have been hooping for a few months now. I started by making my own hoop out of pex piping. Made a pretty big one, and very soon after realized that I needed to move to a smaller size. At first, I really liked the stiffness of them, but now I'm feeling like they're a bit too much. I'm having a hard time with isolations, among other things. Now I really want to get a polypro. I'm ready to order one, but unsure of what size I should get. My first hoop is about 38-39 inches, and my second smaller one is about 33-34 inches. I like the smaller one, but I'm worried that if I go that small with a polypro, since it's a lot lighter, then I'll have trouble with it. I don't want to get one that's too big and feel like I need a smaller one right off, but also don't want one that's too small and can't use yet. Advice???

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Well, speaking from experience, it should be considerably larger than you waist size...  :)

(Get one that sounds a little too small.  It's not, and it will give you a "hill" to climb, maybe accelerate your learning)

Thanks! I was thinking about going for around 35 inches, since that's about what I'm using now. I could use that size for a while, I think?

In my experience, you don't outgrow hoops or cast off one for another permanently. They all have uses and you'll cycle through love-hate phases with them. A varied wardrobe of hoops means more options as your hooping matures and changes.

Thanks! I agree, I use both of my hoops every time I hoop. They are each good for different things. But I use my smaller one the most. The polypro is just a whole new world for me, and if I'm going to invest in it, I want it to be useful. If I could afford to buy a whole wack of hoops, I so would, haha. 

Go with the smaller size, even if your used to a 34 or 35 in. right now it might be fun to get a 33 in. and then you have a new challenge. I was used to hooping with a 33 in. and my polypro is a 30 in. sounds tiny but every time I use it its exciting because its almost like relearning tricks. Your going to love polypro! 

I started with pex too, my couple of hoops were around 38-42". When I got my first Polypro I was also unsure about downsizing, so I ended up getting a 38" Polypro. I guess it was alright to get used to body hooping with a lighter hoop, but isolations were still a pretty difficult since it was still too big. I recently downsized it to 35 and I also find breaks are a lot easier and less floppy now, and body hooping isn't really much harder. Just gotta get used to it. So I say get a smaller one :)

Yeah, I quite like my pex. I got it cause I couldn't find a high enough psi here, and didn't want to order online. I like the stiffness of it, and I still love them, but feeling like I need to try something new. 

How easy is it to cut down polypro? 

Pretty easy, I used a hack saw on mine lol
The only kinda tricky part was putting the hole in the right place so it would connect again.

and yes, I love my pex too :)

Sweet, thanks! I ordered a 36" just in case, hoping I could just cut it down if I want a smaller one.

I use a 33 inch polypro. Its such a fun size. Since youll be practicing breaks and off body tricks i feel like smaller is better for that easily controlled.


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