Whether it be by randomly picking up a hoop, or having it introduced by a friend, how did you get into hooping? 

For me, it was all by chance. A group of friends and I met up one night, just to hang out. One of my girlfriends brought two hoops with her. This was a couple months ago, and it was the first time I picked up a hoop since childhood. I had totally forgot about them! Watching my friend hoop was amazing. The flow of it is what really caught me. I believe everything in life has a flow. The universe flows, and so do I. 

I picked up the hoop that night, and couldn't put it down! I can't even really do any tricks, but, just the motion and the feeling it brings is what I love. Not to mention the health benefits!

I saw that friend again a few weeks ago. I had a beach day with her and her family. Her mom was constantly hooping, laughing and just having fun. She would get excited whenever she could do a trick perfectly, and I couldn't help but be attracted to it. There was even a small hooping group right on the beach, and I saw the way they would interact with each other, and my friend's family. They treated each other with respect, and came over to talk with us, before going off again to their group. It was beautiful.

Well, anyway, enough about me! What about you?

What was your call?

[ If I posted this in the wrong section, oops! I'll move it, if so.]

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That's a great story :) Glad you "found" hooping as it sounds like it is really special to you.

My own story is rather boring.. someone from a message board I'm on posted a link to some videos, and this one here really inspired me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nbrhu7mYig  She looks so beautiful and free. My goal was to learn how to chest hoop like her and do that all day long, haha, and I went out, found supplies, and have been making my own hoops and hooping ever since. I have found a bit of a local hooping community too as we have come together and started getting together, not too many of us, but they're great :)

I love this post!
Mines a bit of a story! In november 2011 I went to a festival in Australia called Strawberry Fields. It was a new experience for me and new music i wasn't used to listening to. In the wee hours of the morning, this girl, who looked like a green tree fairy, left the dancefloor area and took her hoop just outside in the field. She hooped for hours. I was completely mesmerized by her. She was just great, and was performing for herself only. Hours later, i came back to a different dance floor and saw her again but with a couple of other girls. They were so free, and happy, and were amazing hoopers. Ever since, I have been watching hoop performances online. In january this year i moved to the u.s to be an au pair, and when i got here, i realised i had no friends and no hobbies, and wanted to do something self motivated and something to represent my new life here. I feel that, my move here was inspired by my want for a fresh start. I knew moving here would mean learning alot about myself, and finding out those important in my life. I want this year to be about me. So i started hooping. I have been hooping for under a month now. (Im absolutely terrible haha) but I'm teaching myself leg hooping and chest hooping, and currently searching for people in my area (boston, MA) so i can find some like minded people.
I'm so obsessed with this art form. I danced for 15 years, and gave it up a couple of years ago solely because it became too competitive. but i miss dancing around, feeling free. At the moment, it's all about learning for me, but i'm excited when i have learnt enough to be able to dance with my hoop and let go. I just have to stick with the bruises and frustration in the mean time haha! 

Such a happy story! I love it.

keep hooping girl! it has set me free!



A couple of years before I turned 30, I made a list of things I wanted to do before the big 3-0. I had always wanted to hula hoop the way I loved to as a kid, so I added "relearn to hoop" to the list. Here we are, 2 years later, and now I teach hoop dance classes! 


I was living on Guam at the time (I just recently moved back to the mainland). I had just seen a fire show at one of the hotels, and i was looking up "fire dancers" on Youtube, and I started coming across some videos of fire hoopers, which led to Safire's hooping tutorials....and I was hooked!!

My hoop journey started with this music video by Donora. Sorta. Basically I was on PostSecret last year on Valentine's Day and Frank had posted a video with the song Shhh by Donora in it. I went in search of more music from the band and found this video for I Think I Like You with a girl hooping. I was mesmerized. I'd never seen anything like it before. I went in search of more and more hooping videos and realized I wanted to—had to!—try to learn to do it myself. Then I started searching for hooping classes and hoops. I ordered my first hoops that day and went nuts telling my fiance all about it, had not an ounce of patience waiting for my hoops to come in the mail and it's all history from there. 

Here's the video:

I did not even realize that such a thing like hooping existed until I went to Shambhala. I was so inspired by all the hoop goddesses there I had to look up how it was done when I got home. Youtube videos have been such a big inspiration too.

I knew nothing about hoopdancing existing either. I went to my first rave in January because someone else bailed on my friends and I managed to get off work early. The hired performers were hooping and I thought it was so beautiful, I had to get involved.

I was inspired when I was with a bunch of friends having a fun time & we came across this video

from then on out, i knew i had to get a move on it if i wanted to be HALF as good as her ;P

Although I was introduced to the idea of hoops being used in performance because of my love of rhythmic gymnastics, I never had any idea that hoopdancing existed until I saw some girl I went to high school with doing it with another girl. I was watching them as they had just began to learn it and I was mesmerized. So, I bought a cheapo hoop from a toy store and started learning the basic tricks by watching Youtube videos.


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