Well, do you do something besides hooping? Or if you don't, do you find it enough of an income to support you?

I make my income in a number of different ways, I'm an art teacher for a Moms & Tots class, I work in a shared living environment for teens that have delays but came from rough family life, and I sell my wares online, which is a relatively new venture for me.

Besides that, I have done a few hooping performances which is always a sweet little cash injection, and I'm about to start teaching hoopdance drop in classes in February.

My dream job, though? I'd love to be a kindergarten teacher by day and a hoopdancer by night.

What is your day job? What funds your life and love of hooping?

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i had this problem in my old job as a sales executive, they all thought i was crazy, hooping in my lunch break in the park!
I'm in accounting as well. I don't mind, though. I work in public accounting, and most of what we do is helping people out. I am a little on the low side when it comes to attention span, so I also like how different each day/project is. But I work for a rather kooky firm!
I don't even want to answer this because I don't really consider my main source of income my "real job". It's what pays the bills (barely) while I work on making my hooping a sustainable career. :)
It's ok to say "hooker" on the internet, Jess. :p (you can kick me the next time you see me.)
Carla, why must you bring my secret shame to light here? This truly isn't the forum. *kicks*
Oh snap ;)
now now, ladies, play nice or I'll make a hoop like that Tira's and really let shit fly. ;)
Well, you know, she started it. ;)
thats right, she did!!! *kicks snowzilla*
You kick like a girl.
I agree. I clean office space right now, but the bonus is that the building I clean has an old (and amazing) auditorium with a huge stage that I have full access to!! I spend about 30 min a night on average hooping at work:) I also teach hoopdance 2 days a week at the YMCA and do performances, private classes and make and sell hoops. My current journy is learning energy healing so that I can totally make a living doing the things I love, healing and hooping!!!!!!
Its possible for all of us ladies, we just have to make up our minds and manifest away...Happy Hooping!
Neat question! I'm so curious about people too. I think "people" are my inspiration for many things.

I am currently doing Community Support Work (working with individuals with diverse abilities), and I am seriously contemplating working within the local school district as an EA (better pay and holidays!), but I am simultaneously studying Horticulture Therapy--basically, using plants, gardening and farming to rejuvenate, rehabilitate, reconnect, retrain. Hort Therapy can be applied much the same way as Art or Occupational (or Hoop!) Therapy.

My dream job: to have a Hort Therapy farm which combines art, dance, writing and movement therapeutically, and I've always wanted to work with women in transition. I dance with a Gypsy/Tribal Fusion troupe and we do get "paid", usually in the way of free tickets to festivals, etc. I also just joined a spinning troupe, and they do get paid, but again, much the same as my dance troupe. I'm also a mom of a brilliant little boy.

Whats important to me is to make what I value my day job, ya know?


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