I know this is highly subjective, but I was wondering if the community had any insight on when to invest in a set of LED minis. I can do a few things with minis, but I'm nowhere near proficient. I'm wondering if I were to invest in mini LEDs, if that would actually help me advance bc I will enjoy the way it looks so much. But at the same time, I wonder if I should just wait until I am proficient with minis b4 getting an LED version. Thanks!

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Hi Loren!

I think as long as you know you like doing minis and you're going to continue, it's time to get a set of minis!  I noticed some minis are not as balanced as others, so if you want to hoop with LED minis, you may want to practice with them, so you'll get used to your LED hoops.  Also, they just look awesome and are so much fun to play with!

Thank you! I think that was exactly what I wanted to hear! :-)

I bought my LED minis after only about 2 months of seriously playing with mini hoops. I sorta worried it was too early, but I had a festival coming up that I really wanted them for, so I just went for it anyway. I am so glad I did! It was absolutely the right decision.

If you know you love minis, I say just go for it!

I bought mine after about 2 months. It was a great idea. I love playing with them at home at night in my picture window. It really helped me learn get more into them. I have some mood hoop mini's and the balance is a little weird, but I actually prefer it cause it adds a neat rhythm. I also love just using one LED mini to dance with. So much fun!

can you elaborate a little more on the balance being weird?  i wanted a pair and they said they are counterweighted on the website, lies?  is it super noticeable or just a little off?

I have Moodhoops minis too. They are balanced appropriately, but the added weight just makes it handle a little different than a non-LED hoop. This is true for normal hoops as well, but a couple ounces of weight is a lot more pronounced when you've got one hoop in each hand! I'm very happy with my minis from Moodhoops, for what it's worth.


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