whats the lightest led hoop?

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Hey! I have a Astral Aura and a Atomic pro both in Polypro and they are Super light! I looked your size up and the Pro would weigh around 9.9 oz and the Aura with 30 LEDs (more than needed) would be 12oz. Check um out if ya want :-) http://astralhoops.com/r/MissHaley

LED hoops aren't for everyone if you're extremely sensitive to weight as nothing can possibly be as light as a bare hoop.  However, the Helix from Proton Labs has been compared and is lighter than the Atomic Pro and just took the crown as the lightest of all multi-pattern LED hoops available.  New video was just posted this morning, check it out!

256 patterns, 3 types of random, 3/4" Polypro available, BPM sync, free software to customize patterns, etc...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmBvObbwLmE&feature=youtu.be


i got my LED from moodhoops.com,it was pretty light and i didn't even order it in plypro! so i think moodhoops.com would have VERY light LEDs

i once got one from astral hoops and it was pretty heavy..

Hoops of Creation have really light hoops. Unfortunately they aren't accepting orders until summer is over. But I would def check them out if you are thinking of waiting that long any way :)


http://www.hoop-daddy.net/  He makes great hoops, can custom order via e-mail, very nice, and the lightest I have used!  Also, I was e-mailed back immediately the following day when I had questions!!!


moodhoops are now all polypro (i believe, i could be wrong) i have a 36 inch and 33 inch. VERY lighttt :) hope that helps! happy hooping

You can get all the moodhoops in polypro, but you have to pay the $25 upgrade fee for most of the hoops they sell.

I know it's expensive, but Hoop-Daddy's Phoenix hoop is only like 0.7 lb if I'm not mistaken. I have one that's 34" OD with what I think is 3/4" hdpe tubing and it is unbelievably light. It's lighter than any other hoop I own, including day hoops. I also own a moodhoop with the same specs as your friend's, and the Phoenix is definitely way lighter and surprisingly brighter. Mine's not AS light as polypro, but I think he also offers the hoop with polypro tubing. But it's a very sturdy, light weight hoop that's ultra bright with amazing patterns.
Hope this helps :]

hoops of creation offer 5/8" now as well :)

Wherever you order from, you'll want someone who offers Polypro LEDs, so far the only polypro tubing for LEDs I've seen available is 3/4". 

Here are some that I know offer 3/4" polypro LED hoops and their lightest styles - 

Proton-labs - (currently only offers the Helix hoop, though apparently it is the lightest available currently, anywhere) 

Astral Hoops - Atomic Pro hoops is 2.2 ounces

Hoop-daddy - Phoenix hoop .7lbs or about 11ounces 

Psi hoops - can make you just about anything you want - completely custom, so you could have detailed email discussions to get EXACTLY what you want and find out the lightest option possible. 

*All of these companies offer light LED hoops in the $300+ range*

If you are looking for a "budget" LED hoop, Mood Hoops does offer 3/4" Polypro for an additional upgrade charge at a price somewhere around the $100-$200 range

I have a hoop daddy foxfire http://www.hoop-daddy.net/, and not only are they the lightest ... but the patterns and LED's are the brightest around. They are carefully hand made, and I have had absolutely NO rattle. Everyone I know swears by him, and he's also a super nice person :) 

I'll put my two cents in here and say go Atomic pro all the way!! I have 5 Astral hoops! Atomic, Atomic Pro, Aura, and custom lumminate Minis. My pro is light!! Super bright!! I've dropped it, threw it, smacked it, had drunk people try it. And it's amazing!! Worth every single penny!! They even gave me a free bag, stickers, buttons. Stef and BJ are fantastic!! When you deside to order use MissHaley in the Refferal box and get a rad Discount!! Or just follow this link!! http://astralhoops.com/r/MissHaley .... Any other questions you have shoot I'm my way or email them :-) happy hooping!


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