so i think its time i try out a polypro hoop and i really dnt wanna spend 40 50 dollars online to buy one does anyone no where i can buy the stuff at does lows have it? or any sites that are really cheap would be helpful to !=))

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Most people use mcmaster carr.  I've called all my local hardware stores (the small mom&pop ones and lowe's and home depot) and no one has it.
I just bought PEX at Lowes.  I've been trying to figure out how comparable it is to Polypro.  It is much lighter than the black irrigation tubing.  it is very stiff and I was immediately able to do shoulder breaks, which i could never do.  I made the first hoop without cutting the first 6 inches off - so there was a flat spot.  i cut 6 inches off and was still able to hoop with it.  Isos are amazing.  I put the hoop together just like the instructions for the polypro.  The rivet gun was $15 bucks and came with the rivets
I just came across some PEX at the depot. but I wasnt sure how to connect it. if you did connected like the polypro did you just bought another roll of pex with a small O.D. ?? I would love to hear how you did it. 

There should be couplers/connectors that go with the pex. I got a 1/8" drill and drilled through the pex and the coupler and used a 1/8" rivet to hold it together. Then I wrapped the connection with a bit of tape (strong packing tape or vinyl tape) and taped the hoop like normal.

The rivets stick up a bit but not enough that I really notice. It makes the tape over them look a bit strange, but I think I'm going to get an exacto knife and cut the tape around the rivets so everything is taped smoothly but it's not weird over the rivets. I have no idea if that last sentence even makes sense....

what is mcmaster carr? yaa hmm i'll prollly just end up ordering one offline i think thank you friends!

If you haven't ordered yet, this site - just got polypro tubing in. I absolutely love the concept of this store - you can by a kit for $25 which provides you with the amount of tubing you need, tape and connectors. Saves you time and money sourcing out the supplies from all over the place.

They also have a facebook page and give away free hoops about once a month!!

I use to order from mcmaster carr but I find deliveries faster and the polypro tubing is way cheaper.
I got all my tubing from Home Depot... I think it depends on the season too because I have taken all the 3/4" 100PSI tubing, that was a month ago and they still havent gotten any in. They also have the 1/2" there too I worked it out to about $15.00 per hoop and you can get 8 to 9 hoops out of one roll plus tape and such so I think its a good deal to just make your own. Anyway just thought I would say that. :)
Is THIS the stuff? Looks like a good price:
I got all of my polypro tubing from USP and havent had any problems. They only sell it in 100 ft rolls but it's still the cheapest I've found. They ship it out in a tight coil so you have to unwind the roll before you start making hoops. It was tricky finding connectors for USP's tubing but I just used downsized tubing as a connector. The 5/8 works as a connector for the 3/4, 1/2 as the connector for the 5/8 and so fourth.

Due to our most recent arrival... large coiled 3/4 OD polypro we now have pricing that is stiff competition to USP... and we sell in lengths from 1 ft to 100 ft. :)


To check out the new options & the new prices... and the fabulous large coil pro...





a hoop supply company that's by hoopers... for hoopers!


I buy my tubing from sunny, her site makes it very easy and simply to figure out what you need, and it explains the size difference between the pvc/pex hoops your use to and the polypro sizes.


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