I want one so bad for Christmas a self giving gift hehehe ;) but I don’t want to get a crapy one I want the best quality for how expensive they are...I like the multi colored once with black grip tape/ gaffer going in both directions I’ve since allot of this type on hoop city so I know yall can help me...please & thank you.

Love you all! You make the world a better place!

Love -RIOT! :P

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Best LED hoop on the face of the earth, hands down. Mine has 18 color changing programs, including an accelerometer program that makes the LEDs respond to your hooping, like when you change x-y axis, the colors change. Its got a wall charger, no batteries to screw around with. Its light as hell and doesn't rattle. He does custom work too and can make new programs if you want specific patterns. If you want quality and excellent design, this is the hoop to go with.

I bought mine from LEDcreations at Etsy. Its a 38" polypro hoop with 21  SUPER BRIGHT rainbow LEDs, brilliantly handcrafted, rechargable, and it breaks down into minis! Awesome!!!

Stephen really listens to you and works to make the hoop you are dreaming of.




If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Ultra (All-Lite) LED Hoop. Here is a current discussion on HoopCity:

Forum Link

I love lighted lifestyle, Kurt has great customer service. His prices are cheaper than cosmic hooper, although I have seen cosmic hooper hoops and they are just as beautiful as lighted lifestyle. You can always use gaffer tape to tape the hoop yourself. Just keep in mind that Kurt does most of his work alone and if you have any questions he is always more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

I have a psihoop.  It was pricy but well worth it.  It's gorgeous and I always get compliments on it.

I have a  Lighted Lifestyle hoop and love it.  The colors are wonderful and very bright....it's very cool. = )

I picked up my LED and Mini LED's from LightedLifestyle.com, He sends multiple chargers with you for your hoop and at a reasonable price too :)

I got my hoop from lighted lifestyles and I love it! It came quickly its super bright and the charge lasts for a pretty long time. Would recommend him his prices are really low for a custom order led hoop especially with the quality!


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