I've been hooping for about a year but realized as I started to grow the more tricks I had learnt I could no longer do. I was really disappointed when I watched a video that said you need a proper size to manage tricks. The hoop I have is really junk, it was a cheap one you get from Walmart, but I wrapped it in tape to weight it.

I'm saving up for a professional one I'd order online, but I'm worried about which size to get. This hoop would have to last me quite awhile, seeing as how my parents aren't big in the "spending money" department and I have no way to make my own right now.

The sizes are 38" and 42"
I'm 5'4 and pretty average build.  
I'd like to learn how to do shoulder hooping. (I have difficultly with that move and just about aced it last summer, but I had to quit hooping for awhile once I moved and now my hoop is too small to let me do it.) And lots of other tricks, a youtube video said a 42" was best, while another said 38" for my size.

What hoop would be great for that as well as tons of other tricks and moves? Sorry if my info is pretty vague, I'm not sure what else you'd need to know.

Thanks guys! :D 

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You should first try to measure from the ground to about 2 in. above your belly button for a beginner hoop size. Since you have been hooping with a smaller hoop for a while already subtract 2-3 in. from that measurement number. I'd suggest getting 160 psi pvc tubing for your hoop, it's the heaviest tubing you can get making the hoops rotation slower, less response time and easier to learn on body tricks. I will worn you 160 psi pvc tubing can be a little unforgiving on the on the legs, chest, and back of the hands since your body is not use to the weight of the hoop some bruise may occur. But it's great for gaining muscle and toning your body. :) hope that helps.

Thanks so much! I also forgot to add I wanted to do dance, would that work as well for it?

It's good to start with to get a feel for how the hoop moves on your body, and how you need to move to keep it going. You can dance with a heavy hoop, but not as quickly as with a walmart hoop. If you prefer the weight of your walmart hoop then 125 psi pvc tubing would be closer but still giving you weight to make it easier to learn tricks.


*I try to not self promote my etsy store but I'd like to help you, since I already know what you need. My prices are simailar to many sellers on etsy but I have the cheapest shiping around only $8-$9.


I highly recommend HoopMamas on Esty, she has the highest sales, great customer service, and amazing feedback. I just received my hoop and it is so so beautiful, and her prices are great, I payed just under $50 for my first hoop, that's shipping included :) I'm your height and starting with a 3/4" 100 psi at 39", love it! but I think I'm going to try something a bit lighter like a 1/2" 125 psi at 34-37" for chest and shoulder hooping. Ive read it can help add smoothness to your tricks since a larger hoop can be a bit clumsy. HoopMamas also has the new poly-pro hoops which Ive read is great for clean breaks and faster spins.


Here is the link to her untaped customizable hoop, under $20 with shipping, Hope this helps :)


I 2nd Hoop Mamas!!! She is amazing!! http://www.facebook.com/thehoopmamas :-)


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