Tickets are only $75 till september 1st! Can't wait to jam with brecken, rainbow, and lester and many other of the master teachers!!




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Got my tickets yesterday! <3
Wish I could go but my central A/C died and now I have e A/C payments and they are more then car payments

I wanna go!!!

I'm trying to decide if I can afford it tho....

Damn, I'd really love to go to this, it's just such bad timing -- right after Halloween and right before Bear Creek? :/
i will be there.....with bells on :)
I cant wait for the rainbow michael mini class personally
me too!!!
I'm going!!  I'm looking at the schedule KNOWING i'm over doing myself and i'm going to be so sore but i don't care!

hey if anyone hasn't heard the location has been moved a few miles north to lake worth, an even more hoop friendly location right by the water, sick!


I'm thinking about it, but I'm wondering how advanced the classes are and if I could keep up.  I've attended two Wildfires in Connecticut, but their classes are labeled as "beginner, intermediate, and advanced" so it's easy for me to tell where I fit in.  (I'm probably on the lower end of intermediate).

I'm sure if you ask someone will have an answer.   ^.^

Here's a link to the Florida Flow Fest discussion board:

Yay! A Link!


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