Okay I made this video wearing vibrant colors and a vibrant hoop and it filmed blurry but I left it that way because I think it is kind of artsy. Anyways EVERY time I post a hooping video there are people who dislike the vids. Yet other people will say they are great, and my hoop skills are really good. I have been hooping for almost 2 years so I know I don't suck...and I don't dislike anyone's videos! So it's almost like these anonymous people are always browsing my stuff and giving it a thumbs down. Granted, some people also give thumbs up which is awesome. I'm annoyed because I try really hard at hoopdance and I think it's just jealousy. Also I run and eat healthy so I can look toned and feel sexy, I see nothing wrong with showing off a little! It's not like I do or say anything offensive in my videos. But no matter what video I post, what I wear, how I move, SOMEBODY has to dislike it. And I am pretty sure it has to be other hoopers because people who don't know what hooping is don't really search hoop videos. So much for the love and support huh. My real friends tell me that these people are just haters, but it's kind of crappy to go around on someone's channel and negate everything they do for no reason other than immaturity. Especially when the views are so low it makes it seem like someone is purposely seeking out videos to dislike. I see dislikes on a lot of other hooper's videos, too, when they are freaking amazing. So what the heck.

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You shouldn't worry about it. There are always going to be people out there who dislike your stuff. What does it matter? If you like it, that's all you need. :)

Agreed! Keep doing what you do girl!

I got called a stripper (and I was wearing a flowy dress with tights and boots lol) one night cuz these girls didn't like me hooping at my fiance's show (WHEN I'M THEIR FRIKKIN PERFORMER!). I cried in the bathroom for a solid 2 minutes and forced myself to stop because well, FUCK HATERS. Who are they to me, and why should their opinion matter? They're always going to hate, and you need to rise above it all and continue doing what you love. :)

must be a YT troll! it happens, don't take it personally. :) You friends are right, some ppl are just haters. I suspect it's because your video says it's an entry for probably other contest people. Just a guess.

Don't assume it's other hoopers. YouTube is eaten up with trolls. Sometimes it's your taste in music that draws them. Sometimes it's your tags. Just know, most of the folks who do that are 12 to 13 year old kids. Trust me. Whenever I've gotten a really nasty comment and contacted the user, it always always always turned out to be a kid. Every hooper gets dislikes on their videos. I used to take mine down because of it. Now I say screw them. They're kids. Their issues have nothing to do with me. But don't make it your issue by thinking it's another hooper and then letting that idea creep into you like poison. Seriously, it's probably not. And even if it was, what would that say about them? That they are jealous, insecure, and deliberately hurtful. Who cares what someone like that thinks either!?! Just keep doing your thing. By doing your thing, you give other people permission to do their thing. You're not responsible for anyone else's actions. You are only responsible for your re-action. 

I only assumed because as soon as I posted the link on the Electric Forest site and getting views, was when the dislikes started happening. So I figure it's other competitors.

I have noticed someone down rating the contest videos. Have been looking around and there are a lot of hoopers with 1 dislike so i think it's the same person not confident with their hoop skills

Maybe it's the judges. Don't wanna be judgmental, but in American idol and America's got Talent, the judges are the first people to down rate the contestants.

Some people are particular about the quality of the vid and less about the content.

Video quality is quite low.  Next video, try it outdoors, with a better camera  (get a friend to film you.... in that outfit, you must have many friends... :)

Light in the background.  While this does help illuminate you, it's a bit of a buzzkill in video.  Move the lamp, at the very least, out of the eye shot of the camera.  Better yet, move it next to the camera, that should increase the resolution a bit.

Setting: pick a nice little forest setting.  At least someplace where you can move easily without worry.

Interruptions: Talking, checking minutes, etc blows the flow of the flick..  Start in a pose, have someone else start the music, then go.  Keep going to the end of the song and stop or bow.  Make a show of it. 

I make a lot of videos outside, but the only way I could make a video to the music artist of EF was playing it from my laptop AND the background light was supposed to represent a stage light. Plus I don't have many friends who are female who live close to me. Most people are guys and guys who watch me hoop have other things in mind, and that is the last thing I want!! Usually I just film myself and prop the camera on something. You can see my other vids on YouTube.

Wait, you're joining a performance troupe, at a BIG venue, and you don't want boys oogling you?!?   :)  I think, my chickadee, you need to rethink your directions..  :)

Seriously though, for an audition you want it to look crisp and clear.  For this one thing, I might suggest finding the least skeezy boy with an iPhone 4s to film you.  But don't let him cut it up and edit.  If you make a mistake, delete the vid and start over.  You had it right doing an uncut routine.

As for the music, don't sweat the specific track, just get it in the ballpark and you'll be fine.  Half the time, these DJs never play the same track twice, so playing a previous performance isn't getting you anywhere anyway.  You shouldn't be spinning to classical or opera, that's all...

Tedward - Owner: Red Swan Entertainment.

I have to agree with Ted. The light in the background was a big factor for me. It felt like it was stabbing my eyeballs  and really distracted from the performance. The fuzziness also just seemed like a poor quality camera rather than an artsy choice. Also, stopping and checking your minutes made me also stop and check them, rather than just being absorbed in your performance.

When you put your art out in the public sphere, you put your heart on the line. Every artist faces criticism and rejection, but if you want to make it anywhere, you can't take it as a personal rejection.

If any critiques resonate with you, then take them as constructive criticism and work on it. If you feel like the critique is unfounded, then to hell with it, keep on keeping on!

If you're trying to cross over into the professional game, it's best to pay someone for a quality video. That way, you as a client decide whether the cameraman/woman gets paid. It keeps sleaziness out of the filming process if that's what you're worried about. And a professional could also lay your music nicely over the footage. It's not cheap but if you want people to take you seriously, it's best to shoot for the highest quality possible. Give it your best, invest some money and you'll see the difference in the results. And the best part of all is that you can reuse the videos for other professional pitches. It's an investment worth making if you want  in the game. Good luck ;)  


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