Why is it that some of us are clockwise and others counter-clockwise spinners?

OK so almost from day 1 I was a natural counter-clockwise spinner. I have noticed that counter-clockwise seeems to be more dominate among the hoopers I know, but when my roomate started he is a natural clockwise hooper. Being that I am a therapist and love all those psych tests I was wondering if people might post thier theories about why so many of us seem to have a dominate spin direction.

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We've had this topic a couple of times before with no definitive answers, but a few interesting theories. I'd love to see someone research the topic though they'd almost surely end up with an Ig Nobel award!

Here's one of the threads:
Hoopers mostly line up their flow with their personality tests that I have gathered so far. With the Myers-Briggs test the NF's and NT's spin left and the SP's ans ST's spin right
Ah, I'm an SF and I do spin right :D lol
:D So far it fits but I only have about 30 results. My inner nerd is a happy girl HAHA
Oh cool. That's about right. My score was NF and I'm a left hooper.
I'm an NF and I spin left too!


I'm an ST and I spin left.  (Sorry)

This doesn't necessarily have much to do with this, but I wonder how many of us see the dancer spinning which way in the link, clockwise or counter clockwise...


Personally, I see her spinning clockwise...
i see both ;)
Me too, but she starts out counter-clockwise, which is my dominant spin, then at the pause switches directions-- as I often do at a pause in the music! Hmmm! Cool illusion!
Yes it is


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