So, Iv been hooping for a few years now and decided to do my first burn this summer, but Im not in a big rush. Hopefully I can try someones hoop before I end up buying my own (or quick wicks). Anyways, my question is this. Dipping looks messy, requires gloves, and I feel it adds a little more of a spin off/on body fuel risk. I believe I was reading the fire safety sheet from which mentions filling (and properly labeling) a mist bottle, and spritzing the wicks instead (presumably over something you will properly dispose of).

Does anyone use/recommend this method? Comments?

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Depends on how long you want to stand there.... spritzing sounds really tedious and would take out about 10 minutes on each wick to get it saturated enough for a decent burn. Whats nice with dipping or pouring the fuel over your wicks is you get good saturation all the way through (and not just on the outside). There are TONS of ways to get the excess fuel off, spinning off with the plastic bags is a hassle, so is the gloves, what I do is just take a rag (i use an old towel, DONT get it confused with your wet safety towel) and just dip, pull the wick out, let it drip over the fuel can then gently squeeze the wick with the towel. Simple. Dip and squeeze.


hope that helps!


I use a squeeze bottle (like a reusable what bottle with a top that closes), i hold the bottle to each wick for about 15 seconds that seems to do the trick without extra fuel spinning off


I personally have no problem dipping, I spin off in plastic bags if I don't have a spin off area away from the burn zone. But when I'm performing I set up three stations. the first is the fueling/ spin off area thats several feet away from the burn zone/site, the next is the safety station were I keep fire extinguishers, fire safety blankets, water mister etc. and then the last is the burn station/ performing stage etc. Using these stations I can spin off in a safe area, use plastic bags to protect wet wicks from touching me or other performers.


For beginner fire hoopers the spray bottle method is great for a short burn time but when your in a rush for a show dipping provides a longer burn time, and it's a faster fueling process. One thing to keep in mind though, you do want your wicks to be as moist as possible to not ruin your wicks, you don't want the wick itself to smolder and burn, it decreases the life of your wick.

The real problem with spritzing is the vulnerability of most plastics to contact with petrol fuels.  Your spritz bottle will get destroyed in short order using this method (or at least crucial parts will).


Instead of "spritzing" try a flip top squeeze bottle instead.  They deliver fuel faster, have fewer parts to fail, and are usually cheaper than spritzers. [looks down, nod to Tiffany]


Another way of doing things is measured fueling.  It's a pain to do (which is why most people don't bother), but it's the best.  Start by soaking your wick and shaking it off with a plastic bag.  Measure all the fuel before and after, and you'll have a fair idea of how much fuel your wick can hold.  Then find a measuring cup/ eye dropper / squeezie bottle / etc that will allow you to deliver exactly that amount (maybe a smidge less).  Then just pour that amount on each wick and go.

sometimes i use a turkey baster to soak wicks if i'm in a hurry. but the fuel does eat the plastic over time


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