So I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out this Friday and I am SO.FREAKING.SCARED! I feel like a big geek about being so freaked out but I can't help it. :(
Who's had their wisdom teeth out? Were you in a lot of pain?

I'm even more irritated since I probably won't be able to hoop for a couple of days.. can you imagine if I hit myself in the face with it? Yikes... 

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It's really not that bad and they give you good pain meds. I had 2 wisdom teeth and 4 front teeth pulled at the same time and it wasn't that bad pain wise the only thing I didn't like was eating was a pain. I had my 3rd wisdom tooth taken out when I was 6 months pregnant with my first child and was awake for the whole thing and had crap for pain meds since I was with child but it still wasn't that bad.
My only advise... the night before eat your favorite meal because it takes a little bit before you can eat normal again.
Good luck you'll be fine :)
My son had has pulled out last summer, he said the pain meds were great. He was swollen for a few days. I picked him up Smoothie King Shakes to sip with a spoon until he could chew. Take a few days off from hooping and watch videos. The first days is the worst, keep the ice pack on as much as possible and it will make the recovery much faster. Feel better soon!
Mine were all impacted, so good drugs to make me sleep during and I had NO pain after. I had taken a few pain meds anticipating their IV stuff would wear off & that made me super nauseous. If you are sensitive to narcotics you should ask for anti-nausea medicine up yourself a ton of trouble. But I bet you'll be surprised how slick it goes. Good luck!
I was totally freaked when I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out. In my case I was in an almost constant pain when I had mine in and I thought to myself that I would just have to endure a few more days of pain and then no more. As long as you dont smoke and you take all of your meds and clean them like youre supposed to, youll be fine. Make sure you have lots of applesauce, yogurt/pudding, soup/broth, and smoothies. I lived off that stuff for quite a while. Def stay away from the hoop. My face was tender for a few days after my surgery. I will tell you though that I had to wake up at certain times and take my pain medicine during the night. I found out if I didnt sometimes I would wake up and be in pain from sleeping on my face I guess. It was only really bad once but I recommend you do that. Also, if a couple of days after you have them out if you feel pain like in the tooth thats not there, its totally natural (its called phantom pain); as is pain along your whole jaw. Mine were really deep and they had to cut mine out so if youre just getting them pulled it may not be as bad as mine were. But its not bad at all. Just take it easy and stay home from work/school for a while. Have people wait on you :). And def be prepared for the crazy dreams youll have from being doped up on all kinds of meds. I dont ever take any kind of medicine (except birth control) and I was on three different meds. It def messed with my head. I had never had such lucid dreams as those during those first few nights and I dream a lot!! But good luck. Just dont stress out about it and if youre really worried, ask the doc for some anti-anxiety meds to take before you come in. Thats what mine did... and theres no feeling like flying high on valium... Ill tell you that.
Just like a few people have posted here, it's not that bad at all. I had all 4 pulled. Three were not surfaced yet. I wouldn't suggest going crazy the night before eating caramel, jolly ranchers, etc. Lol not that you would, but you don't want your jaw and mouth to be all tired and exhausted the day before.

lol now that I read what I just wrote, it seems so funny haha.

But you will do fine! You're planning on having someone drive you home I hope? I'm pretty sure they told me that it was necessary; I can't remember.

Anyway, it will be the perfect opportunity for you to watch some hooping tutorials online here, and then when you are all ready and better, you can try some new hoop moves!

Best of luck!

(take one of your hoops with to when you go to the dentist. Tell them you will feel better if you hold it during, like a teddy bear) LOL!
awesome suggestion!! :)
They extracted all 4 of my wisdom teeth, and I'm still alive :D I did look a little bit like a hamster though *lol*

And, as a dentist assistent, a little tip: keep it cool! An ice pack on for 5 minutes and off for 5 minutes. Keeps away the swelling. And get some baby food (or a blender). Eats a whole lot easier when it's small ;)
Thank you everyone for your responses! I've been told from a lot of people that it's really not that bad, but I can't help but feel super freaked out about the entire thing. My fiance and I are planning an entire lazy weekend at home with movies, which is awesome! Watch though... it's going to be gorgeous outside and all I'm going to want to do is go outside and play! :P
I understand the anxiety, but I've been through it & so have both of my sons, & we all came out fine. When I went in to check on my son just after his extraction & asked him how he felt, he said with real enthusiasm, "GREAT!" Apparently the latest meds are rather fun! ;) I'm sure if not for the numb lips he'd have been grinning ear to ear. He experienced a little bit of pain as the drugs wore off, but made a speedy recovery & was comfortably eating solids a lot sooner than I'd expected.

You DEFINITELY need someone to drive you home. My son was in no condition to walk a straight line, much less operate a moving vehicle!
If it's gorgeous out, go outside & loll in the sun & eat ice cream! Relax & enjoy the day off!
It isn't FUN, but it wasn't terrible. I mean, I'm terrified of dentists, and I don't look back with fondness of the memory... but they freeze your whole mouth, and they give you a prescription for antibiotics and pain meds. Don't worry about the pain... Sometimes it's a dull ache, but it never really hurts a lot unless you're doing silly things like hitting yourself in the face with a hoop, or crunching on nacho chips or something. :-P

Don't worry. It's not as bad as it seems.

The worst part about the healing process was later on, when I finally decided that I could probably open my mouth wider, but to do so, I had to pop my jaw... But it had been about a week since I'd done that, and I was petrified that it was going to hurt. It didn't. :-P
Just make sure you eat something before taking pain meds after your surgery is over. I didn't, and I puked for a whole day.

The surgery wasn't bad, but I was knocked out. The teeth on top were coming in sideways so those hurt the most. Bottom ones barely hurt at all. I felt the worst right after I came home, and the meds started wearing off. It wasn't really that bad, though. The puking was the worst part.


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