Sparked by a comment left by Steve Bags in another thread, I am posting a topic here about where to find wooden/bamboo hoops or material.  I would settle for how to make my own using wood or a store that sells bamboo.   This is a project I have been working on for almost a year now, and I have had zero luck :(

If anyone in the community could find a source for wooden material to make hoops from I would be eternally grateful!!

Peace, Light, and Love :)


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bump* curious as well

have you tried a garden center.  they have bamboo stakes for gardening! 

Depending on what you are looking for, Braided Grapevine also works as a friend of mine made me one as a gift. Not sure how it was done, other then they took it off the vine while it was soft, and worked it into a circle, letting it dry.

Works rather well, other then the bark is pealing off, but perhaps a varnish or sealant would keep it in place.


i'm also curious about this because I want to find a way to make a round canvas (for painting) and I want to make a round wooden stretcher, but I'm finding out its very difficult, lol


I make Wood Hoops sell and ship them.  All cedar construction strong but light.  Dance hoops weight just a tiny bit more than polypro.  www.woodhulahoop.com   PK

I feel like I just struck gold! I want one now!!!! They are beautiful!!!!
Woodhulahoop.com thanks PK!
My boyfriend bought me a cedar wooden PK hoop for xmas last year and I really love it. I don't use it all of the time because it is pretty heavy, but when i do I feel a beautiful connection to the nature world around me. The hoop is is definitely anwork of art!

I actually may inquire to PK about sending the hoop back to have it engraved, since I am not sure he was offering that at the time!

     I now have Wood dance hoops.. Crazy light weight. They are made of white cedar and  are hollow.  A  39" hoop is about 10 oz.  What is Poly pro?  Thanks  for the nice comments Francine.    

Want! Oh as soon as I get some funds i'll be buying this beautiful hoop.

I didn't know what a polypro weighed actually.  funny how sometimes you just don't think of things.

Moodhoops lists below for weights:

  • 42″ OD – 9.2oz
  • 38″ OD – 8.4oz
  • 36″ OD – 8.2oz
  • 33″ OD – 7.2oz
  • 30″ OD – 6.4oz
  • 20″ OD – 3.6oz each mini

So yeah that is crazy light weight!  Maybe for this coming xmas I will get an engraved lightweight wood dance weight hula hoop!!

I am going to use my hoop tonight!

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