So I know there are several threads about Proton Labs' Helix hoop... BUT this is not just about the hype anymore! Word on the street is that Helix's are coming in! So.. I wanted to make this forum for all of us who have been patiently waiting for the arrival of our dream hoop. If you get one PLEASE post us a video, your thoughts, what your most excited about (or not excited about), tutorials, and all! I ordered one but probably won't get it for a few weeks but you'd better believe that I'll be posting about it in here!

ALSO, this thread would be a great resource for those folks who have been waiting to see one in person before making their purchase..

btw.. I have no affiliation with Proton Labs.. this is not an advertisement.. I am just truly excited!

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To paste the video onto a hoop city page check the box that says use old embed code then select all, copy and paste

super awesome video! love it! thanks for sharing... OH BOY ... I CANT WAIT TO GET MINE!

so I ordered a helix with the hopes of using it at an upcoming performance, but unfortunately it will not arrive on I went ahead and ordered an atomic pro! However, I am not trying to spend 800 dollars on hoops (although that would be great to keep both) so I am trying to decide if I should cancel my proton order or not. Can anyone compare the atomic pro to the proton? Is it really much better? They are both spectacular hoops from what I can tell, but it would be good to hear some personal experience! 

i don't have either right now. i just know that the helix is lighter, has more patterns, more colors and is more customizable. i hope someone can help you out more than this, but that's just what i know.

Saw them side-by-side at waka: the helix is DEFINITELY gonna be what you want... the gap is there, but whatever: it made the atomic look kinda boring... helix is brighter and has cooler patterns. the shuffle mode is also awesome. aaannddd... The word is craig is super nice and is trying really hard whereas astral has shat on a few people I know (and atomics break a lot).

stick with the helix. <3

Thank you for the update!

Oh I feel as though this wait is forever! patience is a virtue...patience is a virtue....patience is a virtue....

The website changes are up today, so now you can track your order's progress. Turns out I still have another "about 8 weeks" of waiting, and I highly doubt it will be here on time for what I ordered it for (I even ordered it, giving myself 3 weeks leeway time so I would DEFINITELY have it). I know he's busy and putting so much love into this, but I can't help but feel a little bit led on. :(

i understand you're probably frustrated... but think about the fact that this is a new product for him and he's trying to make sure they're absolutely perfect for each of us lovely hoopers...  i know he hasn't meant to lead any of us on...  he's just dealing with the overwhelming amount of orders that poured in upon opening day!!  been waiting since march 27 and *sigh* i have a performance next week... so i feel your pain >./p>

i know they didn't mean to lead anyone on... and i know they are putting so much work and love into this product, but it's just a little disappointing i guess to order and be told it will be 8 weeks, but in reality it will be about 13-14. :/

HOLY SHIZA!!!! I finally got mine in the mail!!! A day before I went to Starscape festival in Baltimore!!!! The Helix melted faces all night!!! It was incredible! I will post pictures and/or video as soon as I get my hands on them! The lights are so bright and the presets so crazy that I almost couldn't handle at some points lol. It was a crowd pleaser for sure. I was so lost in lights that I wouldn't even notice a crowd of 20-30 people entranced by the Helix. I always wanted a hoop that has the ability to hypnotize and now its mine! I was so lucky even to get one when I did though. I believe my order got bumped up because someone last minute changed their specs leaving me to be the next person with those exact specifications left. It was a great weekend! Actually its been a great two weekends.. CHEERS to life being good!

yay :)  can't wait to see videos and pics!!  

*patiently waits*  

...what was your order number?  O=)


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