www.HOOP-TRIX.com, a new resource of hoop tricks & tutorials!!!

i've been working on this resource website for awhile now, and finally just got it up and running!

since i live in a small town and dont have access to hoop classes or workshops, (or even other hoopers!) ive learned everything from the hoop videos online. (including safire's classes, of course)

ive spent A LOT of time over the past 2 years, searching for videos of hoop tricks, and so i thought having them all together in one place would be a big help for other hoopers.

it is a work in progress, but its off to a good start.

please take a look and let me know what you think and if you have anything to add.





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Very cool! Thank you. I have saved it to my favorites and will look through it when I have more time.

Girl, you are awesome! This site rocks--you have SO much stuff on here! Also, you've saved me from having to go through and organize all of my bookmarks--I've saved tons of tutorials, so I thought I might have some to add, but as I went through your site I realized that all of them are already there. Thanks so much for creating this! :)

(PS: It looks like the Overhead kickup" trick in the Misc folder links to the wrong URL--it takes you to something called "UFO hoop trick" that's about 2 sec long.)

thanks kalika! if you do find something that im missing, please let me know.

about the overhead kickup--thats actually a trick that i learned in one of safires online classes and i couldnt find a tutorial online for it. the ufo hoop trick is the same thing. its just a nifty little trick that i didnt want to leave it out. ill make that clearer on the site. thanks for the help!

Ty will add to my favorites :)
did you now that someone use this name already???
hi kati,
i am sorry that you think that im using the same name, and i would like to explain what i did because i certainly didnt mean to use a name that was already taken. this is not my business name or my "hooping name". my business (and my hooping) name is my name-- beth piver. i didnt register it through the hoopcity directory because i never planned on using it for my business or hooping name. HOOP-TRIX.COM is just the name of the website which is a resource for hoopers. i originally wanted to call the site HOOPTRIX.com, and did a domain search and that was taken as website and the search suggested that HOOP-TRIX.com was available so i bought that. i really am truly sorry that you feel its too similar. i was just trying to do something helpful for the community.
Love it!

What a fantastic thing to do - thank you!!!

Thats so cool - I find I get quite put off if I cant find a good or the right tutorial quickly, so this is great!! (-:

wow, you were busy huh? Looks awesome! I'm going to be sure to share this with my local friends!
What a great idea! I would have loved to find something like this when I was  starting out!
I also love the designs on your mugs and merchandise. I just wish they didn't say "Slut". For some reason the word just gives me an icky feeling. I would never refer to myself or anyone I like as a "slut" of any kind. I dunno, it seems strange to put something as positive as "hoop" with something  as negative as "slut" or "whore". If there were other designs sans the "slut" I would totally buy them for myself and as gifts for friends, they are beautiful! Just throwing that out there.. it's just my opinion and not meant to be offensive at all <3


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