So I ordered my astro right before the astro pro came out....RIGHT before! So now I want a pro too but I want it about an inch smaller. What I am wondering is how well you guys think this would work for doubles? Being different material and sizing? The people who have pro's....really really really how big of a difference is it?

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I have polypro and hdpe at thats not LED and I prefer my polypro. 

It's a pretty big difference.

I have some pictures on my page of the pro next to the original :-)

Wow! Thats a huge difference and it makes me want to pro even more! 6 of them in fact! Where the heck is my money tree! Can you tell me more about it? Do you enjoy it more than the original?

So much more. I'm at the point in my hooping where I will put down a LED hoop and play with a plain old polypro if the LED isn't polypro. I can't tell you much about the circuit board because I don't know THAT much about them but if you contact Bj over Facebook he will be sure to explain it to you. Just know that the extra money for the Pro is TOTALLY worth it.

That sort of what happened with me. I went from ppe to pe without ever trying hdpe. Its good to hear about the size thing though.

It's definitely trickier to do on body twin hooping with two differently sized hoops, but off body isn't too bad, especially if it's only an inch. I've used some that are completely different before.

I've been playing with my ppe 30" and my 30" pe and trying to bring in my 29" hdpe as well. I think it'll be ok. Maybe it would be a good idea to have the hoops at least the same size..or maybe i could send the original one in for a downsizing.

The pro is so much lighter though, the weight is what's going to make the difference, they'll rotate at different speeds which is frustrating when you have them split or are trying to split them. At least from my experience.

The circuit is different in the Pro than the Atomic. It's not the actually tubing that makes for the weight difference, it's the circuit itself.

If you use the heavier hoop in your right hand it's not so bad.  It's actually really weird how the dominant hand will be able to compensate.  It might be strange though to get a good rhythm with different hoops and then if you want to use non LED twins you'll have to recalibrate. 


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