So imagine that you could have ANY LED hoop that you wanted, I'm talking hoops that don't yet exist and you could dream it up to be the ideal hoop for you.

What would that hoop be? How would it function? What would it look like?

Would you want it to collapse? Be rechargeable or battery operated? Built in solar panels for recharging?

Would it make you waffles?

Could you control the sequences, colors, patterns with your iphone?

Would it be 1/2" and weigh as much as a feather?

You guys gettin' the idea here?

I would love to hear your most outrageous ideas!


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I like your thinkin ;)
hmmmm......yes. The idea of selling an LED hoop with a small solar charging station has been leaping around in my mind for some time.

Hoops with faux fur? DONE and has been done, just check out this picture of me of me and my blue furry cookie monster hoop

vibrating, of course of course. I can think of one way that could be used ;)
You need to put googly eyes on it!
ahhhh hey! I watch your vids on YouTube =) awesome!
lolol :X I just imagined an iPhone app for my LED hoop
...i can see this happening.....
I thinking the craziest/coolest led hoop possible that is not made yet would be...... an led hoop that colors and lights change to the beat of the music.... if you plan on making this please let me know....cuz i want one!
<3 happy hooping
i would die for minis that could coordinate to go back and forth between the two to the beat!!! you might have just started something good :D
Love this thread. Never had a strong interest in LEDs as they make me a bit dizzy. They also magnify my every mistake (at least from my perspective.) But the hoops described above would tempt me to make take the plunge. I'm thinking an important feature would be that the hoop could transport me to where I want to go (well, it does most of the time, spiritually, but if it could take the place of air travel, that would be delightful.) I'm thinking that I could get in my hoop, close my eyes, click my heels, and ask it to take me to the place of my choosing: BAH gathering in SF, a rooftop in NYC, a festival surrounded by my dearest friends and most loved musician, a beach in Indonesia or Costa Rica.
I think I would have to add the transportation feature to my hoop as well, good idea :)
Hey Beth, speaking of a beach in Indonesia, I was on Gili Twawangan for a month last winter and my friend and AMAZING poi spinner G, just posted a video from there, made me want to go back.
In fact an LED hoop that changes to the music is already in design and the prototype is almost done. I am thinking around mid summer I will have it ready for sale. Join my mailing list to be one of the first to know when it is released


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