Hey hoopers! We have a lack of hoop community here in the capital region especially now that the cold weather has hit us and Spin Jam is on hiatus til the spring. Last weekend I went to the Maximum Fitness gym in Troy and hooped in their big martial arts room. The owner of the gym said he would let us come in for open hooping whenever there is not a class going on in the room (and he doesn't have many classes at the moment). I believe we would just have to pay $5 a person to use the space for that day. SO I was wondering if any of you would be interested in getting together for a weekly/biweekly/monthly get together where we can all share our love of the hoop! Once I get it uploaded on my computer I can post a picture of the space too. Let me know what ya think :)


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this sounds like a great idea! i would love to hoop with a big group of people! i would attend whenever i could im an hour away from albany but i would be willing to drive the distance.

Hell yeah! I would LOVE that!  Keep me posted and I'll be there!

Sounds like a plan....count me in!


I have never had the privilege of hooping with others...would love the opportunity...I'm a total novice, but trying SO hard. Looking forward to meeting other hoopers in the area.

I'm in!  I would love that!

Great! I'm so glad you guys are interested! I figured we would aim to have the first one in January after the holidays have passed seeing as how I'm sure everybody will be busy the next couple weeks. I have to go to Max Fitness and see when the room will be available. What days would be best for you? I'm thinking maybe saturday around noonish? Or we could probably do weekday nights too. OK let me know when would be best for all of you and I will keep you posted w/ info from the gym! Hoopy Holidays! :)
Im down! im going to be in the area till the end of jan then i have to head back to Syracuse. If your thinking about having it in within that time frame i know a few people that would make the 2.5 hour drive south with me! keep us posted.
I have been waiting for this!!!! So exciting! I am new to hooping, but am eager to learn and have something to keep me active though the winter. Count me in.
This is so exciting! I'm new to Albany and would love to meet some fellow hoopers!  Saturdays or weeknight evenings would work for me! Thank you so much for taking the initiative to get a group started :)
Hey guys! I went to Maximum Fitness last night and talked with the owner a little bit. The martial arts room will be available on Saturday January 8th from 11am-12pm. I was hoping to get the room a little later in the day, but this was the only time available that day and I am eager to get started! It was either 11am or 9 am and I thought 9 would be a little too early. But, this way if we meet at 11 instead of in the middle of the day it hopefully won't get in the way of any plans you may have for Saturday. He also said if we get a nice turn out it could become a regular thing! We may also be able to change the day/time for future meetups. The gym is located @ 621 River Street in Troy in the same building as the pottery studio on the 3rd floor. I forgot to ask him about the $$$ factor, but normally for classes nonmembers just pay $5 for that day so I'm assuming that's what it will be, I will ask him when I go to the gym again this week. Also if it ends up being a regular thing and you live in the area it is only $15 a month for membership which would be good if you plan on attending weekly and you'd get to use all the gym facilities too (sorry I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but thought I'd let u know). ANYWAY let me know if Jan. 8th is good for you and if you plan on attending, I hope to see you all soon! :)
Sounds good! Like I said, I'm pretty new to this, but I'm hoping to learn lots from you all! See you then!
Oops! I had this open and forgot to post it, here is Maximum Fitness on Google Maps so you can get an idea of the location  http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl


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