Hello fellow aussie hoopers!


I am leaving Perth and driving to sydney and would love to meet up with other hoopers and teach some workshops on the way...let me know if you are interested and where you are and i will see if i can swing by your area..any offers of showers would be greatly appreciated too.


peas and hugs xxx

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P.s i should be teaching at the luna circus day festival in Karridale on jan 22nd - $60 for the day and am sorting out workshops in Adelaide and hopefully melbourne...dates times and costs to be confirmed

love love love xx
It would be awesome if you come to Melbourne :) I'd love to come to a workshop, and there's definitely a shower you can use here.

Id love to attend a workshop! My problem is that I work odd hours & weekends though which is usually when hoop stuff seems to happen. Plus I stay a long way from the city. I could possibly travel mid week though.

Im sorry I cant offer a shower - Im not in my own place though...

where are you based? which city are you closet too? x

Oops, sorry! I was talking about Sydney. I also forgot to mention that I move around a bit though so Im not always here.

If you should end up going to SE Queensland at all, let me know as I am based up there on the Gold Coast (-:

 I would definitely come to a workshop in Adelaide and bring a friend along. She's desperate for some more training. I'll be visiting her from 2/9-2/12.


Have a safe journey!



we will be in adelaide for about a month from jan 28th.....i think we will miss each other :-(
I'll arrive on the 9th of February, so it looks like we could catch up somehow. Though I am not sure about my internet access while I am there. I will try to check in here!

Hey - i would LOVE to!!! let me know when you arrive and if you have anything going on ! :) Jen xx ps - yeh youre welcome to a shower im sure the housemates wont mind, i share with 10 people though :)



hi all, i am currently in adelaide, i am running a hoop workshop on tuesday 22nd feb @ 19.30


join my group on facebook....




or check out the event for more details.....




my contact no is 0457631850





hey jen, 


where are you based???


When will you be in Sydney? I'd be up for coming to a workshop when you get here!



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