I think Dubstep and hooping go hand in hand.   I found that I like the deeper darker sounds with vocals.  Does anyone know of any podcasts or dj that are into the vocals?  Let me know if you do.  What sounds of Dubstep do you like?  I've been hooked on this podcast from XLR8 from Girl Unit it the whole set kept me moving in ways with my hoop that I didn't know I could do.  :)

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I absolutely agree! DEEP, GRIMEY, LOW, DARK BASS, with vocals is the shit! 

excision shambhala 2009 mix was always one of my favourites to hoop to

all the new Bassnectar is amazing, as well as the old

chase N status = <33

to name a few, i'll probably be back to this feed in later days to see what everyone else says,and some more songs, and see others suggestions!

YES! DUBSTEP is perfect for all types of hoopdance!

I'm not aware of any DUBSTEP artists that use vocals; they seem to only incorporate other artists lyrics.  It just seems that's the nature of it.  Anyway, if anyone does know of any.. I'm interested too =)

Completely agree! Kryptic Minds April podcast is perfect in my opinion!

im in love with zeds dead. their music is so filthy and the tempo is perfect for hooping


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