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I am a mother of 2. I am in college for Information Technology. I have bellydanced for 7 years. I got into hoopdancing 3 years ago as a way to keep my fitness. Thanks to the hoop, I can dance a 3 minute song like it's nothing. I also lost 40 lbs thanks to the hoop.


I love dancing with my sword and fire. I learned how to breathe fire around the same time I learned to hoop. I guess you could say I dance tribal fusion, heavy on the circus. I also have a henna body art business on the side to make some extra cash for festivals and costuming.

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Nice to meet you Bettie. I'm afraid of fire, so I admire your courageous fire skills!

My name is Sarah. I've belly danced for 5 years and did ballet for 18 years. I no longer take formal dance classes. Hoop dancing took over my life about a year ago. I now teach classes regularly in my community.

I am an indentured servant to my miniature pinscher and loving fiance :)


Hello everyone!  I am a network engineer for a very fun party supply company, which enables me to blow lots of money on hooping :-)  I have been hooping for about 6 months and taken a few bellydance classes in the past.  Hooping has become a way of life for me!


I like to be creative and find new projects...currently I'm working on dread falls, afghani pants and a pixie skirt.  Love finding creative outlets to keep down on stress!


I am a hippie at heart and love going to see jam bands - can't wait to hoop at a show :-)

Hello everyone!!!

my name is Bruna and i'm italian..(actually i'm half italian and half african).i'm a psychologist and i teach circus to kids in my little circus school. i've belly danced for around 6 years..i love combine hooping and belly dance..i think it's the  perfect mix!!!!lately i'm approcing tribal fusion ...i love it but it's so hard..and it's really hard with hoop


to jessica: i love henna body art and i saw your are really good!!! i try to learn but i never really applied  


Thank you so much, Bruna! Henna is like cake decorating, it just takes practice and a little inspiration. I am a member of a forum called Henna Tribe and those ladies are so encouraging and inspiring, you should check it out sometime!

hello there

my name is dominique, im 18. i am currently on a year break before i set out for school. ive been belly dancing since i was about 4 years old and it is very much a passion of mine, i kind of got into hoop dancing because i was trying to find ways to take my skills as a belly dancer and use them in different ways and i absolutely fell in love with the hoop. i live in a small mountain town that doesnt really have a place for belly dancing or hooping so its awesome to meet other people that share my passions!! i keep trying to talk my friends into hooping with me but no luck aha. besides hoop dancing i also do sculptural ceramics and various other 3d visual art, i love my weiner dog moose and my life thrives on music :)

Hey hey! My name is Ally and I'm a brand new bellydancer AND a brand new hooper -- I signed up for belly dance classes and then a friend bought me a hoop totally independently, so it is very very cool to see that people are combining them and I am SO excited to be getting started on both.  It's very different than my usual style of dance, and I'm really looking forward to expanding my horizons!


Other than that, I'm also a mother of two (three, if you count my husband :) ) and a statistician by day.  I'd love to lose some weight doing this, but mostly I'm just interested in learning a new, fun way of moving! Also anything that involves shiny sparkly things is basically a big win in my book :)

Hello everyone! I'm Stephanie. I've been hooping for about a year and half now, and I just got into bellydancing about 8 months ago. I'm 20 years old and a student still trying to figure out what to do lol. I love the circus arts and really want to join my school's circus! :D

I spin my fire hoop and some fire poi, so I'm thinking once I've really gotten bellydancing down, to maybe use some palm torches or something AWESOME like that :D I started bellydancing because I heard it helped improve your hooping skills, and it really helped my flow so much! And I fell in love with it too. :)

Hello everyone, my name is Leslie (Hillbilly Hoopers). I'm a mother of 2 boys Charlie 18 & Austin 15. I'm 38 yrs. old & so very blessed that the hoop came into my life! I've been studying various forms of dance on & off over the years since 2000. It wasn't until Sept. 2010 that I really decided to take a leap of faith & try belly dancing. Especially being a bigger woman I found that very intimidating but knew that it would be a key factor in really working my total body & helping me to reach my personal weight loss goals eventually;) then 44 days ago the hoop came into my life & now know that truly there is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind & heart into it! Dancing, hooping & any type of strength training or core strength training is very purifying to me & I utilize it symbolically as a means to cleanse myself & as a tool to help me upon my own personal path of ascension. I've been a spiritual teacher, counselor, healer & writer for over 15 yrs. truly this simple instrument has opened my eyes to seeing beyond the horizon at the unlimited potential that the hoop truly can provide mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. As a Kundalini Reiki Facilitator & Planetary Light Server, I work a lot with the chakras & planetary grids & truly can see so many positive benefits that the hoop can provide truly it is a gift of healing on all aspects for it allows us the ability to truly discover ourselves on a much deeper level & bring ourselves into alignment with our soul's purpose which is anchoring love, light, joy, peace & healing energy into the world.


On a personal level, I feel that this is a way for me to truly get in touch with my own femininity & become even more aware of myself. I feel that we all go through a time in our life in which we may feel inferior as a woman or not completely content with our bodies. It was through this plight of trying to find myself that I was lead to dance as a form to express myself & having to learn from scratch with 2 left feet was no easy task in the early stages. I used to do figure 8's til I could barely hold myself up any longer felt like my hips literally would fall somewhere along the way, I discovered that even if I may not be able to the most graceful swan in the pond at least I am actively trying to do something instead of set around complaining of how miserable I feel & look!;)


The real obsession began though when the hoops came into my life since then I've found how naturally the belly dancing  moves tend to just happen without me thinking about it. Stuff that if I was trying to practice I'd probably have issues doing lol I think that I'm at the age in which I now have the courage to try to do things that I've always wanted to since I was a little girl but was never allowed to or had access to such as belly dancing, hooping, firehooping, poi, etc. after all, there's no one who can stop me but myself at this age!;)


Before hooping I felt much older, less coordinated & weak. Now less than 2 months after starting I'm much stronger, more coordinated, much more flexible & am doing things I haven't been able to do in years due to some health issues that had plagued me for a long time. Now for the first time in my life, I feel very confident in my ability to heal myself, regain some of my youthfulness, lighten up & really be in the moment centered, balanced & at peace! And I know that with time the gracefulness with also come I just have to continue allowing myself to surrender to the flow & just dance!

Hi!  My name is Anna.. I have been hooping for a few years now.  I took belly dancing classes for a couple years back in highschool...  which is almost 10 years ago now.   I am wanting to get back into it so I can Fuse it with my hooping.  I really hope to meet some people on here that can give me advice and suggestions.  As well as tips on where to get some awesome costumes for a plus size girl like myself!  :)  


Good morrow to all!

I'm a Mama of 5, been belly dancing for 13 years but dancing in general for 20 odd years. I hadn't hooped since I was a teen and earlier this year (2011) I picked up a hoop (that wasn't designed for a 5 year old) & began flowing again like I'd never stopped! It was something I never forgot, like riding a bike. I live in South East QLD, Australia. Would LoVe to fire hoop & poi, however I fear catching fire therefore I just stick to fire fans & palm torches for now.. (=


This hooping is helping me with weight & fitness, slowly but surely, and I am hoping that my body shape will be entirely different within a year. All the best..


Blessings in LoVe & Creativity,

Dea xXx

Wow there are lots of mommas in here! I LOVE IT!


I began belly dancing before hooping (a few months apart). I have been hooping for almost 4 years with no more than a week "off." Belly dancing I take part in if I'm watching a video or there are classes at festivals, but I haven't been able to just put on a song and feel the need to belly dance. Usually I'll grab a hoop or just start freedancing (where belly dance moves are used but not my sole form of dance).


I am six months pregnant and have been using this great Prenatal Belly Dance video by Amira. Its got me circling those hips once again! I would love to pick up fans and really get my bellydancing form perfected. I suppose I joined here for more inspiration.

oh, and I have one daughter and another not-yet-sexed baby on the way!


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