Hello burners and soon to be burners,

In light of the ticket fiasco and the chance that many of our favorite camps may not be making it to the dusty playa this year, I figured the few that were lucky enough to get tickets might want to join together and get a camp of our own going. I wanted to gauge what peoples interests and thoughts were on maybe coming together and rocking out a hoopers/flow arts camp! All ideas are welcome! I think I am going to build a dome and a bar this year but that is all I can bring because of space limitations. I think with enough people contributing we could have everything we need for a sweet camp! And we can hold hoop jams and classes all week! Thoughts and ideas?!

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I would have a definate interest in working on this and think that we would have an opportunity to carry on a very important part of BM. Obviously, we will have some big shoes to fill and alot of responsibilities to work through, and the fact that we are from varied places will present its own challenge. The variables to make it happen are exciting to think about.
I have my hand up, I am 100% up for serious discussions about it.

Yay okay well we have until the April 26 to register as a theme camp for placement. So that means we have to have our plans laid out by then so that we can submit our camp. We have time but not a whole bunch of it to figure some stuff out.  

Sounds good to me, I will start writing down ideas and such and then we can connect soon to narrow some stuff down. Excited! It might be a good idea to see if anyone from Spin Cycle is willing to help us with some guideance and as well if they are still trying to go so we dont get in a weird situation.  Then the next thing would be how our time works for setting up/breaking down. I know that it is going to be really hard for my husband to get more time off other than the dates of the playa, so it will be hard for us to help in that area, but we would be more than willing to do whatever we can there and bring whatever we can to help. As well, it doesnt mean he cant try and all of that is down the road, just dont want to let anyone down. I also dont work, so I have lots of free time to network and do whatever might be needed, but i do live in BFE so that itself is a challenge. Okay, rambling... I think we have a good idea, i feel much more comfortable about the whole burn. I have been kinda lost wondering where we might land and call our space for the week, and was hoping it could turn into a positive challenge. Let's get some brainstorming, game planning, networking ideas and then try to chat soon and see what we come up with.

2012 will be my virgin burn.  I'm a hooper.  Was going to avoid a theme camp just to explore and see all that exists on the playa my first year, but would absolutely be a part of a Hoop theme camp.

I live out in the sticks.  Will most likely be coming in my minivan.  My resources are limited, but I'm creative and stubborn.  And fun.  :)

Feel free to also connect with me on FaceBook.

Awesome! Yeah I wasnt thinking like a uber giant theme camp with everything you need under the sun. More like hoopers and spinners camping together with small chillin dome and and bar.

@Rachel I dont think that we will need alot of set up and take down time. Two people could put a dome and take down a dome pretty quickly and I dont plan on leaving until after exodus on Tuesday so that will be an extra day for take down and demooping.

Im thinking we will need a bunch of pillows and a few rugs for the dome. I have some chairs and a table, stove, pots, pans, plates, cups, utensils. I also have a large shade structure tent that we could use as a kitchen/storage tent. I usually make a small evaporation pool for gray water but I think we may need a larger one. Its pretty simple you just need to make a rectangle out of 2x4s and then put a black tarp in it. We are definitely going to need some kinda of sound system, not anything to complicated or huge but that can play music at a reasonable level so we can jam. Oh and lots of hoops (:

I am so excited about this. I completely agree about not being over the top large. I as well have alot of camping/kitchen gear to contribute, and I LOVE to cook and create food for others:-) As well, I have a TON of hoops, I had considered gifting some, which is an obvious at some points, and would consider bringing tape and tubing and doing a make your own hoop day. Also have a couple of sun showers and have helped construct a couple like you explained.
So maybe next we consider the amount of people, a name, and list of hard items we know we will definately need then bring all that back to the table in a few days.
I know that we will be in a RV, it would more than likely have a outside utility shower too.

I do have other flow artist friends that are still working through the trying to get a tix stage that would probably be interested and they are long time burners.

Hi y'all,

I'm just curious if anything came of this? I'm going with a theme camp this year, but would totally be down to help with a hoop camp, too! This is my first burn and I'm SO EXCITED about being able to haul my hoop around and hopefully learn and share with other hoopers.

If the camp is a no go, maybe we can plan some hoop jams or something?

Hey! We haven't really talk about it in a while but I am still down with the idea! Im not sure what Rachel is still down but we were just thinking about forming a loose camp where anyone can just come and camp together. We can definitely hold hoop jams but im pretty sure anytime anyone's just chillin in camp it will be a jam!


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