Hooping on the open playa at night under the stars... Sunrsie hoop sesh... On a stage at a sound camp...


Whats your favorite hooping memory from Burning Man? Favorite place to hoop in Black Rock City?


I love spending time alone with my hoop on the open playa, whether its mid-day (HOT!), sunruse, sunset, or late night under the stars... The peaceful playa is my favorite place to hoop! What about you? :)

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Ooooh bringing my LED hoop to a rave somewhere near 10:00. I was up on a platform, hooping all night to the dubstep :)

Last year I got to hoop in front of the art project I was a member of, using their sound system 3 days before the gates opened.  It was just me, my hoop, and my music playing loud and (of course helping test the sound.)  Two birds with one stone.  It was fantastic.

oooh goodness, the conclave is pretty incredible, but i'd say it's probably being able to freely fire hoop to my favorite artists ever. ive gotten to spin fire to eoto, mimosa, infected and so many more on the playa. it was a soul completer. 


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