I want to get started this year on making hoops for BM 2011. I have this idea but I don't know how much it would fly with the hoopers of the world. I want to make a hoop with leather tassels coming out of it like the metal joints come out of a fire hoop. I've already made a few "streamer" hoops that follow this principle (see attached). The only bad thing I can think of is that it might be like a whip instead of giving passer-by's "hoop kisses."

Does anyone have any new decoration ideas for their hoops for the new year?

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My hubby wants to make a steampunk hoop with leather wraps and metallic studs all over. I haven't started this project yet, but it sounds pretty awesome! I'll totally throw down some leather hooping.
Idk im down with getting whipped on the playa ;D
my friend keely was thinking about doing something like this with her hoops and i think it would look epic

and you should totally at least give it a try here's a random thought what about led wire for night time??

there is nothing wrong with a little whip action hehe

How fun! I love it :)  The whips will be popular out there!


and the Steampunk idea is badass Sirin, I might take that and make it my own :)



The fuzzy hoops would be fun out there!

how did you attach the ribbon? that is cool!


I drilled holes and atached them from the inside. Its time consuming but it looks fabulous! I haven't made some for months. Reading this post makes me want to make some more though :D
So you drilled them and attached them from the inside? Can I ask how you did that? I know I really wanted to make a friend of mine a memorable hoop for her for Burning Man and I think this would go over REALLY well with her! :) If you don't mind sharing a step-by-step of how you did this, that would be awesome! :D
This is a brilliant idea! I totally think the whip would go over well! ;)
I'm sorry to say I cannot help with your dilemma but just want to tell you that the hoops in your image are all gorgeous!


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