I just found a blog ‘Rise of the Innerpreneur'. The blog is dedicated to promoting innerpreneurship and helping innerpreneurs, like you, make their businesses a success.

Who is an Innerpreneur?

An innerpreneur is an entrepreneur who use their business to find personal fulfillment (creatively, spiritually, emotionally) and create social change.

You may have heard the terms ‘creative class‘, ‘creative capitalism‘, or ‘cultural creative‘ used to describe us as well. Basically, we want to use business to improve the world and ourselves.

We have the defining entrepreneurial traits. We have a(n):

high need for achievement
high need for independence
low need for conformity
internal locus of control
love of ambiguity
propensity for risk-taking
obsession with opportunity
But innerpreneurs are characteristically different as we start businesses to aid in our personal growth rather than that of a company’s. We start our businesses so we can find personal fulfillment and satisfaction through our work.

We are driven by our need to realize our full potential, to make a difference and to constantly learn and evolve.

Further Characteristics of an Innerpreneur

you believe you should do what you are and what you love
you see the world in a different way than most
you let your values and passion for exploration guide your life
you have an innate need to be creative and honest, to follow your own unique path
you want to make things different; you are attracted to industries that improve the world
you may alternate periods of career focus with periods of reflection and/or adventure
I’m an Innerpreneur

After reading the chapter on Innerpreneurs in Karma Queens, Geek Gods and Innerprenuers, I quickly identified my needs and desires as one of an innerpreneur. Just before reading the book I had just decided to start my own company. I had realized that I had to in order to have the life I desired. I want to write, learn, help people and use the web to create change.

I have always been hesitant to label myself, to put myself in a box of any sort but I couldn’t help but smile and take a deep breath of relief when I read the profile. It is always nice to belong somewhere.

Check out the ‘Rise of the Innerpreneur' blog for more information.

Much love,

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As a grad student of Economics, as well as a growing Hoop Dance Innerpreneur, I totally love this line of thinking! So often, people think of those running any business as being in the most efficient, profit-maximizing, and - well - soul-less line of thought.
When you are doing what you love and feel passionate for, business decisions become more to you than just what makes you the most money. I often get frustrated in my studies when this possibility is completely left out.

Thanks for sharing!
WOW! I like that concept! I'm checkin' out that blog RIGHT NOW!
I tried to request it (the book "Karma Queens..." by Ron Rentel) from my local library...they didn't have it. So I went to Amazon and purchased it for under $10. I intend on reading it and giving a review after I'm done. It sounds like great read. Happy hooping in the meantime!
How interesting - I'd just been watching this earlier - sounds like a simila idea:


Off to have a read of that blog now!

Thanks x
I love this.

I feel all of these traits in my heart! Thank you for sharing.

A nice warmth and smile just came over me :)
WOW! So helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm at an odd impasse where the things I'm told I need and the things I know I need are becoming further and further apart and I'm looking to create an actionable plan to begin living in the mind frame of the latter.
i've always called this conscious capitalism....
ah yes! fantastic. I like the acknolegement of personal fulfillment. Thanks for passing it along!
Wow, can identify with this a lot.  Thanks for raising the subject, SaFire...


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