So I am in America, and I am shipping to Canada. I cannot seem to find a way out of paying just as much as the hoop is worth in shipping to get it out there! what do I do or am I just totally screwed? I already made the hoop and got it in its packaging so I am feeling like if I can't ship it that she probably won't want to pay the shipping and then I am out a whole bunch of resources and time and bleh.... lol.

Sorry for the word vomit, but any tips/experience with this sort of situation would be much appreciated!

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When I ship a hoop to Canada I charge people what it costs me which usually is less than $12.00 I am on the East coast of the US and shipping way out to the west coast of Canada . Just tell the customer how much it is. I have never had anyone complain of shipping being too expensive. I think most people understand that if you are a great distance from the product that you are purchasing it will cost you to get it there.
yeah, if it's not a collapsible hoop, shipping across the border is a ripoff, I'm in Canada and I had to pay $20 shipping to the U.S. for a hoop :( - expensive
Also a little note; Canada customs is a bunch of jerks, if you don't sent all that much stuff to Canada, I'm sure your customers would greatly appreciate if you marked the package as a sample or a gift.
actually I have one more question, how on etsy is it possible to adjust the shipping. So like this girl has already payed through paypal for her hoop, so how do I go about charging her the extra money if it ends up being like 10 dollars more. Do I just post a 10 shipping charge post like that or something or am I unable to get her to pay if she doesn't feel like paying for the extra?
have to mail it collapsible, 1st class. should be about $8 - 10
Or you could encourage your customer to buy local, support all the amazing Canadian hoop makers...;)


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