Hi, burlesque hoopers! I hope that you're enjoying a fantabulous New Year's Eve.


As I learn more about burlesque hooping, and as I slowly pull together moves that look amateur (as opposed to flat-out ridiculous, which is where I started ;)), I find that it would be tremendously helpful to get feedback from more experienced performers. However, I hesitate to post videos here, even though they don't contain any more exposed skin than you'd see at the beach. Part of the Terms of Service of Hoopcity include not posting content that is "adult in nature" (I think that's the phrase), and to me, burlesque is inherently "adult" regardless of the amount of skin exposed; I don't want to disrespect SaFire or other community members by posting such content if it's not acceptable.


Has anyone else encountered this issue? How have you gotten feedback without violating HC's Terms of Service? I want to be a responsible HC-er, but I also want to improve my burlesque moves. *grin*


Thank you for reading, and happy new year!

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i have seen plenty of other burlesque hoop videos on hc i m pretty sure your good as long as your not nude.
I don't think there would be a problem and I also don't think you are disrespecting anybody. This IS a burlesque group and burlesque IS about stripping so as long as you don't know anything you shouldn't I don't see why there would be a problem.
Thank you, Michele and GlowBunny. I appreciate the feedback! Time to get brave and make some videos... :O

I have this video posted on here and have it posted over on hooping.org too.


And this is the stupid comment i got posted about it yesterday -

"I thought Hooping.org was supposed to be family oriented, since you have at least 1 member who is under 18. Thoroughly disgusted by this video of Chi chi nudity and by Hooping.org to allow it on the site. This will be my last post. Goodbye Hooping.org. "

It is true to say that due to the bad filming it could appear that im topless - im not! I have my nipples covered, oviously! I guess some people just like a drama and to over react. I feel that the above comment is a bit dramatic, esspeserly with the 'Goodbye Hooping.org.'


But on the plus side the lovely chap Philo that runs hooping.org as opened a Burlesque group which ill be co-moderating!


waw major drama! a girl in underwear!!! :) :)


I understand the underage point although I think childs see more nudity while watching TV.


but I really don't understand the "thoroughly disgusted" part, it's a really harsh comment. I don't see how you could be disgusted by an act that is obviously so full of joy of living and smiles.


this person must be really conservative or something.


but maybe we should ask Safire what she thinks about it since she is the moderator and maybe she would thinks it is too much as well and then maybe it would be possible to have PG17 sections...


much luv yall

LOL I'd just be like, "Okay, bye!" ;)


Seriously, I get hired all the time to teach Girl Scout troops and their leaders are WELL AWARE that I do hooptease, haha. Whatever. There will always be people offended by burlesque and hooptease, alike --- it's part of what makes it so fun: It's risque!


And yeah, at the end your pasties DOOOOOO kinda look like you just have bright pink nipples. ;) But I think it's just that lighting and the angle the camera was at. No big deal. I doubt most people would think you're without pasties.


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