How do you practice in private? Do you preform for a special someone? Or on your own?

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I use my mirror and a special someone :) The special someone option works the best though, but if you don't have one yet the mirror is the second best thing! Because unlike a special someone you can see what you look like :) Video taping works just as well and sometimes even better because you can rewatch yourself, I just have a crappy webcam so its not all that great
I've only performed one hula hoop burlesque number and was lucky enough to develop it as part of a burlesque class I was taking.

Even so, the greatest part of my practicing happened in private. Mirrors are certainly your friend but I didn't spend a lot of time with a mirror for this piece.


I had the chance to have a big mirror in my room but few space so it was sometimes dangerous ! When I started hooping I was leaving far from my boyfriend so I began to take videos of myself hooping and slowly getting undressed.. that's what put me into Hooptease actually !

I'm recently single now and I must say that I feel like something is missing. I will have to get used to it and find a new special audience :s

Forget about practising for someone or in front of a mirror - I can't find anywhere to practice! I my room is too small and outdoors is... well, outdoors! as of now I stand on my bed.. but it's jiggly and while my jelly might be sexy, can't help but feel i'd do better on the ground!

It's amazing how sexy hooping can be made to look without any actual stripping taking place as well..


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