hi everyone- I'm a neighbor down below (live in GA) but in couple week we are planning on going camping up in the Carolinas. We were going somewhere else, but that's another story, lol.

Can anyone suggest some camp sites/areas near hoop friendly communities? We're hitting the mountains not the coast (more than likely taking Hwy 441 straight up). Thanks in advance.

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Well, I don't know where the hooping communities are.  But Boone and Asheville are both wonderful towns for camping and outdoors stuff.  I like Boone more (because I live here) and the town itself doesn't have the overwhelming big city feeling that some parts of Asheville can have.  But there are definitely more hoopers in Asheville.
If you make it up to Asheville, there is a HUGE hooping community! Tuesday nights Asheville Hoops has a hoop jam in Pritchard Park. They also have classes on Wednesday nights at Teriscope studios. There is a Hoop Jam Thursday nights at the Asheville YMCA and I hold a Hoop Jam/Class on Sundays @ 1:30 at the Neighborhood Y in Woodfin. Let me know if you need any more info! :-) Hope you have great weather!
......P.s.........Hoop Convergence....a 5 day Hooping Retreat is also going on in NC in May....It should be amazing!

well, thanks so much for your suggestions. BUT the hubby is having really bad problems with his allergies so the fam all voted & I guess we're headed for the beach instead after all. LOL

But we camp a few times a year (saves money so we can escape more often!) so I'm defiantly up for visiting some of these places later in fall.  And the Hoop Convergence would be a dream, but this mama may never be able to get that kind of money & time just for herself. :)


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