Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love cats more than anything....sooooo, show me your cats! Here's a few pics of my little monsters.

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The first pic is an adorable kitten I was fostering :) There was a litter of 6 all with Beatles names. This one is Maxwell silver. There was also Sergent Pepper, Lucy, Prudence, Jude, Eleanor Rigy, and the mom is Penny Lane.

The second pic is stella blue and the third is carly :)

Hi!!! I love cats!!!

I've 3 cats: Maya (black and white cat), Jerry (black) and Romeo (grey)... they make me happy.


this thread was started forever ago but i never pass up a chance to show of me kitty. my boyfriend got me wilson (named after phish) last year cause i just love cats and ever since i was a little girl i wanted one but my mom was allergic. he's so cuddly and such a mommas boy.


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