First of all, I am so glad someone thought of this! I love my cat and my hoop, so it just fits :]


So, what's your kitty's story? Rescue, random find, expensive breed with a pedigree?


In September 2009, I went to a shelter event, making my sister promise me to not let me leave with a pet. Then I saw Penelope, and I just couldn't leave her there. I'm really glad I adopted her too. She was in foster care, but was about to head back to the local shelter (the city run shelter at that, and you all probably know how awful those places are). Ever since, she has been the light of my life!


*The last pic is of my boyfriend and Penelope gettin in some cuddle cute!

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Ok, I'm bored so here is the story about how my cats came here...

My boyfriend works across from this no-kill cat only shelter and will periodically go over to visit when he's bored on break. About 2 1/2 years ago he met this cute little all black kitty named Nemmy and fell in love with her. (They have tons of black cats there because no one wants them. Silly superstitious weirdos.) Anyway, he came home and talked her up so a year later after we decided we were finally ready for another animal, we brought her home. That same day I signed up to volunteer. I had been volunteering a little over 2 months when I met and fell in love with this cute little gray furball. He was a return and his brief owners had him de-clawed. When I asked about him, they said he was "on hold" to be adopted by this lady and she would be in to get him on Saturday. I showed up for my shift Sunday morning and he was still there. :( Then Monday my favorite lady emailed me and said that the lady never called or showed up for him so as far as she was concerned he was still up for adoption. I picked him up the next day! :) Yay for rescues!!


I have two cats! My older boy, he's a british shorthair (black) and we bought him (breed). I grew up with him and love him to death :) about a year ago I got a tattoo of an original print of his paw on my heart. But not much of a story, we "just" bought him.

My little girl on the other hand, I rescued. She fell into one of those lift-garages (I dont know how to call them, but that explains them the best) which is opposite of my balcony. I heard her calling and in the middle of the night, I climbed down there and got her out. She was SO happy to see someone, she ran towards me and started to purr. I took her on my shoulder and climbed up again. I thought she would run home now, that I got her out but she didnt... She ran a few steps but it seemed like she didnt know where to go...and she came back to me, purring, and wanted to cuddle... well I thought, lets take her in my flat so she doesnt walk around outside anymore, because I wanted to take care of her, she seemed so clumsy. And what if something happened to her again and no one could help her out?

However, I took her with me and she was really glad about that, she was extremely thirsty and very thin... she was so thankful, it was heartbreaking :) she wanted to cuddle all the time, she was completely focused on me, and fell asleep on my arm. I was holding her like a baby :) She was about 5 months old at that time. I couldnt find any place she couldve belonged to and obviously, no one was looking for her, so I kept her.

I rescued her the same day my grandmother died, and her cat looked just the same (also black and white). I thought that was kinda cute :) My grandmothers cat is called Lissie, so I decided to give her a kind of similar name in memory of her... I called her Lilly.


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