Hey guys, I have decided to DIY a Lyra! After extensive research and pricing, I realized that what makes these beauties so costly is the $7,000 machine that bends carbon steel or aluminum! My father, who builds antique cars, (the ultimate DIYer hehe) was able to get me in contact with a metal fabricator whom I negotiated a solid price for his services and now my business, , is offering Aerial hoops for a much cheaper price. I am still in experimental stages of this project but so far so good!!! I know there is much debate between and aluminum but I decided on steel for my first edition. I also decided on single point but am now working on a double point. I posted photos on my fb page *see link* if you anyone is interested in seeing the progress. Also, If anyone of you have DIY aerial equipment please share! Any advice? Any regrets about your aerial hoop purchase? Thanks!


*Note, there is a smaller machine available out there that is much more tedious and leaves a lot of room for kinking the metal but it is totally possible if you know what you are doing. I can't find the video at the moment but is is of a man using this machine. It was one only tutorials out there on this that I could find when I started this process.



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Selling them?! :D


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