What's your favourite aerial apparatus? 

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I'm currently taking silks right now but I really really really want to start up on lyra. I want to do the double point lyra with the corde lisse attached :)

Silks has made me so much stronger...I'm able to do some acrobatic stuff I could do before!
I can definitely tell you've been watching Masha's videos ;)

I love lyra. A lot. And I'd say, if you ever get the chance, take a class. For sure. (But I'll warn you, it's more painful than you may think) But I also love silks. . . You know what I think they should do? Silks on top of a hoop (instead of corde lisse)! PERFECT combination!
:) Yea, I wasn't really impressed by lyra until I saw Masha's video...and I saw that one before her hoop dance one, so I had a circus crush on her immediately, lol.

Oooooh, silks on a lyra! That'd be awesome...I must find out if this is possible. A friend of mine does lyra (occassionally) and before I ever did silk I pulled myself up on it. It seems little stiffer and therefore more painful than fabric but I can deal with the pain :)
I do Tissues since i´m 14 years old and was Aerials trainer in a circus school for some years. My favourite is also Tissues and Lyra/ Aerial Ring. But my health say me to stop my training cause of neck problems and some accidents. But i hope that i can start in the next time my training again!!!
I absolutely love my spinning single-point lyra :) I just love spinning until you almost get sick ;)
I don't take lyra classes because we haven't got any in the netherlands, grrr.. :(
But youtube helps me a lot ;) and indeed, it's very painful... I still don't understand how to do a foot hang or a heel hang... So if someone has some tips....
I'm torn between Lyra and static trapeze. I find them so graceful. I love this video of Sofia Tsola, she is so beautiful! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giBqBTumrsk
sooooo pretty. thanking u for posting this
Trapeze actually! Mostly because it's the only one I have enough experience with.
i do a little bit of lyra. but its pretty hard for me. and im practicing alot with a slack line right now cause then i might go to a tight rope one day cause of it. but im intrested in silks. and i want to get into that big hoop that u hold ur body in that u basically balance inside of the hoop and roll around with it.....anyone know what thats called? video posted
Roue Cyr
I'm a fan of silks. I just started taking classes yesterday. I'm really excited and can't wait to be able to climb them!
Silks!! I love lyra too...there's just something that I absolutely love about silks right now. I want to try trapeze soon though


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