Hi Hoopers...

Selling my atomic hoop, first generation, very well cared for...absolutely love this hoop, but need $$$ more than hoops right now.  This hoop is PERFECT:)

It was the hoop featured in this video which I made when I first got it:


32" 7/8 HDPE

I can mail it out on Wednesday afternoon...shipping runs about $24, I'll split it with you

my email is kimraymidwife@yahoo.com

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is this still for sale? and is that measurement id or od? have you ever had an glitches with it? and will the warrenty transfer to me? i would love to buy and can offer you 200 if your willing!

I'm on the hunt for a used but working LED/Atomic hoop and remembered this post. Has this sold? Let me know :)


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