I bought this fire hoop used when I first started, before I got pregnant. I only used it a couple of times and now that I've tried spinning it again I know its not my size. 

I spin 36 inch hoops and this is larger, 38 or 40 and its too heavy for me.  The sista hooper who sold it to me is much taller than my five foot one inch self, so it made sense for her, but not for me.

Anyhow I bought it for $75, I would like to sell it for that much, but I am open to offers. I dont know what company she purchased it from, Im trying to reach her, hopefully we will connect soon and I can find out more. 

I can text you photos of it, or you can stop by and check it out!!

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Interested if it's still available, would love to see pics!

Is this still available? I would like to see photos also.

still have it for sale?


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