I'm wondering if anyone is interested in buying my LED hoop? I bought it from Rainbow Hoops 7 months ago, it has hardly been used so is in great condition. I'm only selling it because I need to clear out some hoops and this one doesn't get used very much. I think I've only actually taken it out of my house once!
Anyway, it's their 'Fire' design hoop, in 35" glitter PolyPro tubing. It has 24 LED's: Blinkie red and yellow and sunshine strobes. It has a twirl of thin bright orange tape around it for grip.
It has a pop button so it can coil down for travelling.

I paid £112 for it. I've also got 4 spare batteries that cost £4 each plus delivery, and I have some day hoops I can throw in as well if you're interested! (I really need a clear out!)
If you have any questions or would like to make me an offer, please send me a message. I'm looking for around £80 for the lot.

I live in Hackney, so I can deliver it if you are nearby, or you can always come round and try before you buy:-)

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