Id really love to get a decent hoop. The one I have now is a walmart special, I mean its awesome and it works but its really seen better days. Plus I just plain want a new hoop ;p

I honestly dont know what a good fair price is but if anyone is interested let me know!!



Happy Hooping!!

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Replies to This Discussion has a variety of hoop makers with price ranges anywhere from $10-$50. Play all day is a good store
I don't know why I didn't check etsy first lol! Thanks!
i have some pretty ones that i made for thirty dollars each,if you're interested tell me and i'll get some photos up and give you more info?

If anyone has a used polypro hoop they would consider trading, I make all kinds of things! Just low on cash and looking for a good practice hoop. 34' or smaller preferrably. I am in the STL area if that matters :)

HippieHoops on etsy also has and awesome selection and fair priced hula hoops AND currently has free shipping for the time being. You can also order bare hoops HPDE, PSI or POLYPRO hoops from most vendors on etsy. They're always cheaper. If you want grip you could always buy tape or just sand the inside.

I have some pre-loved (slash hardly used) hoops I'm looking to unload. Various sizes and such, all of the black 100 psi, 3/4" diameter tubing variety. Some have tape and others only have grip tape on them. Let me know if you are interested!

Kinetic Kristen


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