In need of the storage space and some cash. Sad to see them go.  I have more hoops than I will ever use and need the money for some classes. 

email laminathegreat at yahoo dot com if interested. Paypal accepted, looking to ship to US only. 

38 inch purple Polypro hoop. Sanded. Used once. (wow, prices have dropped. This was 60 dollars when I bought it.) Asking 30 plus 5 shipping.

38 inch LED hoop. From Lighted Lifestyle. HDPE, 3/4 inch. 20 LEDs. Rainbow (fast + slow change)- so it scrolls through rainbow colors slow then fast. Includes USB charger with outlet and car adapter. I added a line of white gaff tape to the inside for grip.  Asking 75 plus 15 shipping. (It doesn't collapse down so it will cost a bit more to ship.)

You can see a truer view of the colors from the LL page. In reality you are seeing a couple of colors at once in the pict so they look white. what it looks like really...

Feel free to ask me questions. 

I've also got a glow in the dark hoop, a 2 person hoop, a huge hoop, and a couple of beginner hoops- see a few threads down. 

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Are you still selling any of these?

I'm thinking of the poly pro. can you give me the psi on it? I really need a flexible hoop. Also, I couldn't find the thread on the two person hoop. Can you send me a link with the info? Ive been wanting one :)

Thanks for the info! I'm going to sit on it until I'm sure of what I want. 


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