I just moved to Denver and I am in desperate need of some beautiful people to hoop with :D

I'm wondering if there are any hoop jams that take place weekly.

I'd love to connect with you!

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Welcome!! :)


There is the Wednesday night Boulder Circus Jam, from 8-11pm at the boulder circus center (www.bouldercircuscenter.com). It's $5 and an incredible space to practice and play. Hope to see you there tonight :)

Welcome to Denver, Camille!

 I host hoop jams at Cheesman park every saturday (unless it's really cold or really snowy) at 12:45, usually in the middle of the park or under/near the pavillions & fountians. I also go out just about every day, depending on the weather. Right now we have a pretty small group going, sometimes it's just me even. It would be great if you could join us!! Today looks like it's gonna be beautiful....maybe you'll get to read this before 12:45!! Message me if you would like to exchange contact info! :)

Hey girl! I have lived here in denver for a lil over a year and havent a single hoopin friend:) I work from home and have a 7 month old, so things are pretty low key at the moment, but id be interested in meeting up and hoopin down:) It's been so long...how do you dig denver so far?


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