Looking for hoop friends in the Fort Collins area. The site guidelines say not to request to find hoopers near you through a discussion, but I am going to anyway because it seems that is what this group is for, to find Colorado hoopers near you. One hoop love!

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Hey, I'll be moving to Fort Collins on June 1st.... I tried to join the Facebook group- so someone should verify me :) 

I can't wait to be surrounded by hoopers!!!! 



Yes!! The FoCo Hoop Circle is the FB group... 

There is also a Fort Collins fire jam that happens. Richard Fox is the man to talk to. He should be part of the FoCo Hoop Circle :)

Hi!  I'm new to Colorado and the site.  I'm live in Loveland & interested in connecting with the Fort Collins Hooping community!  But I don't have Facebk!!  Is there a way I can get more info on gatherings & hoop jams with out FB? 


Hi!  Rachael Clinton, Funny Bone Hoops!  I just recently moved to Loveland as well and would love to connect with some hoopers here.

Hi Rachael!

How are you?!  I live in Loveland too!  & I hoop whenever & where ever I can.  Sometimes Namaqua Park or somewhere at the river.  My schedule is a little Random right now but I would love to hoop sometime!  Hit me up when ever :)



I'm great, thanks!  Just getting online to do some of the Steve Bags Twins tutorials and some Kenna Hoops Crotch Extravaganza.   I am a stay at home housewife/hoopmaker, so I always available.  We live in the Loveland RV Park by the Centerra.  Pool and big space to hoop in if you ever want to come over for hoopy fun!  Yay!  Hopefullly we can meet up soon.


Hi Rachael! 

I teach painting classes in downtown Loveland at a place called Studio Vino so I tend work a lot on the weekends.  If I'm lucky I'll have early afternoons open or a random day off sometimes.  & usually my 'actual' days off are Mon-Wed.  Anyways the RV park sound fun...I keep telling my bf that we should get an RV to live in!  I'd love to get together and hoop sometime. 


Hi Jen and other Foco Hoopers!! I live in Fort Collins and would absolutely love to get together with anyone who wants to hoop! message me if you are interested :) :)

howdy fellow hoopers :) my name is Jamie Zammert, need to change my name on here because I was recently married. anyway my husband and I are headed to Fort Collins tomorrow for him to find work and for us to find housing. I currently reside in Minot, North Dakota and am the hooping ring leader in my area (pun intended) and im looking to find fellow hoopers and the flow community. I saw that Richard Fox's name was thrown out there and by some stroke of universal love I happen to have met him last year when he invited me out to volunteer and spin fire at Pine Ridge Reservation in SD for Trees Water People and the Henry Red Cloud renewable energy center and he is actually allowing me to stay at his home while im going to be down there looking for work. so what I was hoping is that some hoopers would be willing to meet me and play with me while im there and maybe be able to give me some hints or leads on housing/employment/happenings? some other details about me also are that im 31 years old, 6 months pregnant with my first child a baby boy, a long time festie kid so that kind of gives you an idea of the kinds of happenings I might be into.


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