I currently hoop at the the Rec Center in Thornton on Friday Mornings

starting at 9AM in the basketball court by myself. It would be great if

some people could join me. I can't find any hoopers in the area

and it is discouraging.

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I wish I still lived in CO, I would come hoop with you! I sympathize with your situation though...there are some hoopers here in Iowa, but they're mostly college kids and I don't really fit in with that group anymore.

Have you checked with the Boulder Circus Center? They do a lot of juggling and circus arts (obviously), but where there are jugglers there are hoopers! Maybe there's someone there who just wants to practice without being at the center? :)

Thank you for the info on the Circus Center. I'll check it out.

I actually live in Thornton and that rec center is about 10 mins from my house. I would love to join you sometime! Although after this week, I'll be working weekday mornings but weekends and evenings would always be free :) I'm still pretty new to hooping but I've been looking for an opportunity to get out of practicing in my apartment.

I would love to hoop with with you. I'm fairly new to hooping also and needed somewhere to practice on bad weather days.The rec center said I could hoop on their basketball court. I work nights and have every Sunday and Thursday night off. I also have every other Friday night off.Maybe Saturday mornings would be good. This morning I will be at the Thorntonfest next to the rec center, if they don't cancel it because of the rain.


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