Does anyone hoop in the springs and want to start a group?

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YES!!! me me me!!! haha I live in the Springs and have only found 1 fellow hooper here so far... I would love to start a hoop group in the springs. I am a stay at home mom so I am free pretty much all the time =)
I'm in Highschool so I'm free a lot too! haha
Hey so I just recently moved here, i live pretty close to the springs. it takes me like 30 minutes to get there. I'd love to meet a hooper. I don't know anyone up here.
there is 2 parks right by my house or i have a big house with lots of space.. i hoop on the daily pretty if youd like to get together for a hoop session im down =) there is a hike and spin jam tomorrow in denver at red rocks im going to. if youd like to go youd be welcome to ride with myself and my mini-me =) just thought i would extend an invite... happy hooping =)
Does it cost money?
nope it sure doesnt

Yes I'd love too!!! I just moved to the springs 2 days ago, I'm from jersey and I dont know anyone!!! has anyone been or heard of the garden of the gods?


garden of the gods is a really pretty park to hike through! i highly reccommend checking it out some afternoon, def a tourist trap though so not too much seclusion
Hi sarah! I just moved here too! anything going on with this hoop group?
I loooove Dever a lot more than the Springs (no offense) there just seems to be a lot more to do in Denver and there seems to be a lot more i see a lot more hoopers in the denver area...that just my opinion though
Im from the springs!!  Just moved here in March and would LOVE a hoop group here!!!
I'll be in Colorado Springs in 2 weeks and I'm looking for people who hoop, spin poi, fire perform, bellydance, etc. to hang out with.


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